August 14, 2009

Unexpected Adventures

You’d think I’d realize by now that my life is anything but predictable. Just when I was getting into the hang of my work, I was forced to take a two week break!  But now I’m back to work and nothing we do follows a natural plan.  That’s difficult for me since, as a poodle, I kind of like predictability. I like a schedule — to know when we walk, to know when we eat, to know when I’ll be left alone, to know when we sleep.

Take today, for instance. It’s Friday, which makes it a Monty day, first thing, all day. When we walk up the street to get Monty, he hears us and lets out a loud series of deep, happy barks and then races down the stairs of his town home to greet us at the front door. We leash up, head out the door, and usually go for a pretty long walk.

That seemed to be the direction we were heading today, until we took a turn at the top of the hill and headed toward Dog Mania — the groomer. What? Wasn’t I just here? When it’s time for the groomer (or the Spaw as Gretchen likes to call it!), usually Monty and I go together, but I’d Greetingbeen just 3 weeks ago and if you look at me closely, you’ll see that my hair is still in pretty good shape. So what was going on here, I wondered.

We got to Dog Mania before it opened and waited outside with a Portuguese Water Dog named Sophie who looked a lot like Monty. Monty, never one to miss an opportunity to shakingsocialize, greeted Sophie only to find out that she is a nervous Nelly when it’s grooming time. Hey, I can relate. So, while Monty waltzed in to enjoy his day at the Spaw, Sophie shook by her mother’s side sending every dog signal in the world that this is not at all how she intended to spend her day.

Me neither, Soph! I guess that’s why I was relieved when I saw Monty go behind the gate and I stayed inside the shop, but not INSIDE THE SHOP, if you know what I mean. The shop dog – Tika – did her best to annoy Sophie into submission by barking hysterically, but Sophie still wasn’t buying it.  I thought about happy clamsticking around to help her out, but then common sense got the better of me and I left Monty INSIDE THE SHOP, happy as a clam, while I walked to the park for a game of fetch with Ann and Gretchen.

Fetch is a daily expectation I have, but today, my expectations were exceeded when we met Harry at the park. I like Harry. Is such a pleasant fellow and he never tries to steal my ball. Soon though, Gypsy and Dixie showed up and I can’t say the same for Dixie — she LOVES to steal my ball. They came to the park with their neighbor’s dog – Mocha – who is a chocolate lab we often pass on our walks through the neighborhood.

Mocha often barks at us from behind the gate so when I saw him in the park I was a little leary, uncertain if he and I would get along well. But Mocha turned out to be a loner kind of dog, preferring to play in his corner of the park while I played in mine.

Meanwhile, Dixie milked some loving from Ann, Gypsy ran around like a crazy fool, and Harry stood by Gretchen (holder of the treats) and smiled his Harry smile.



Playing fetchDon't steal it!

Mocha waitingDixie love

After a nice long visit, we headed back to the house because there was much to do today. We have a birthday cake to bake for our friend, Lisa, some pasta sauce to make for tonight’s dinner, and an attempt to make Grandma’s cheese and thyme crackers. Oh, and we had to walk Oshi and Perrito.

Nothing unexpected happened here, but after my long game of fetch this morning, I wasn’t as excited to play this afternoon. Perrito was the one who found this unexpected as he did the interesting smells in the grass that kept his attention for most of our time there. Oshi, on the other hand, was captivated by the smell of the air and lifted his little head constantly to find the source of the wafting odor.

Ball timewatching

chase mesmelling?


I didn’t smell a thing.  I just got the ball, laid in the grass, and rest a bit.  We walked back through the park after that and aside from the odd man lying on the picnic table with his shoes off, not much unexpected happened then, either. Now home, I’m ready for my afternoon nap and then it’s back to the cake, the pasta sauce, and those tasty crackers. I sure hope one falls on the floor!

Until tomorrow,


PS — We’re also waiting for the phone to let us know that Monty is washed and ready. Maybe he’ll have more unexpected stories to tell!

PSS — I got a great nap and soon after we got the phone call. We marched back up the hill to the Spaw and fetched Monty who, if I do say so myself, looks like a new man! What do you think?

new man

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