July 24, 2009

Lapping It Uph2o

Dude! It’s Friday!

Yeah, Monty, I know. I’m really happy because I’m tired this week.

You should be tired, buddy. You have Gemma 24 hours a day. She’s a handful.

More like an earful. She’s always grabbing my ears and I don’t know what to do.

Have you tried growling at her?

A thousand times a day.

How about a paw smack down. That worked for me with you.

earfulWhat? You had to smack me down?

Daily, dude, daily.

How come I don’t remember that?

Selective memory. You were the biggest pest known to dog.

I don’t believe it.

Believe it, dude. Believe it!

So I guess I should have more patience with Gemma?

I suppose that would be the most polite thing you could do.

Okay, I’ll work on it.

That’s a good idea. Hey, I wanted to say thanks for the walk this morning and this afternoon.

You’re welcome, buddy. Did you have fun?

Yeah, the walk was fun, but I really like coming back to your house for a drink of fresh water and a romp in the yard.

You know how to romp, that’s for sure!

Don’t look to me! You and Gemma started it.

But you were quick to join in.

startingjumping in

jumping in2playing

playing 3jumping up

I suppose I like to play as much as you do.

But that water sure tasted good after we played. Yum!


Gemma sure is persistent, though.

Like a mosquito, she is, but eventually she settled down.

mosquitoM and G

And eventually she even fell asleep.

Oh, but she fought it for a long time, didn’t she?

sleepy?very sleepy

And you had to walk Oshi and Perrito a lot today.

Yeah, their parents are away so we have to take them out about three times a day. But you helped a lot.

So did Ann.

an and the gang

We had a good time today, didn’t we.

Yep! And soon it will be the weekend and we can sleep in and eat fattening foods.

Not me, I’m watching my boyish figure.

You’ve always been kind of finicky haven’t you?

I like to think of it as selective.

Selective memory, selective eater…I guess I should be happy you selected me as a friend.

Forever and always, dude!


Same here, buddy. Sleep well.

And sweet dreams to you, too.

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