July 25, 2009

Pool Party!

pool boyspool boy

In the heat of this afternoon, there’s not much to do but blog and hang out by the pool. That’s not how the day started. We got up rather early to beat the heat and met up with Ginger and her dad, Richard. Ginger’s had a tough go of it lately. She got bit at the dog park, had to go to the vet who put her under in order to give her 5 stitches, and now she’s struggling with some old lady problems that I won’t write about here out of respect for her. The worst part is that in her recovery, she’s not supposed to run off leash or go swimming.

The hottest week of the year and Ginger must languish in the heat without a dip in the lake. Bummer.

But we let her run a bit at the tennis courts while Gemma and I played pin the ear on the labradoodle.


pin the earI’m not sure why she has such a fascination with my ears other than that they are soft and silky after my trip to the spaw. But even when they are scruffy and dirty she’s all over them!

It was a good thing we played hard this morning. After running with Ginger, we ran into Monty and ran around with him as well. That really stirred up our appetites and after a fulfilling breakfast, Gemma and I crashed.

Gemma crashed so hard, she snored like a truck driver. Woke me right up. Must be the extra long terrier snout. She can get some volume out of that thing! Snoring and nesting are her two favorite bedtime habits. Every night she must spin a thousand circles on her bed getting it just right before she falls fast asleep. It goes on for 10 minutes sometimes and once she’s out, her locomotive snoring rattles the windows. Who knew such a small dog could live so large?

Ann and Gretchen woke us up this afternoon fearing we’d be devils by this evening if we didn’t get any exercise so outside we went while Gretchen refilled the kid’s pool. And then she fetched Oshi and Perrito who played in the pool for a nano-second while Gemma and I played keep away from each other.

snoutkeep away

Oshi sought refuge on the lounge chair with Ann and eventually Perrito joined them.


It’s way hot now. I’m getting off this computer and going back into the pool!

Later, ya’ll!


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