June 24, 2009


It’s officially summer now that my other mom, Ann is officially done teaching. She’s very happy because she gets to work in the garden and take naps in the afternoon. I’m happy, too, because I like to help her in the garden and sleep by her side while she rests.

Monty came early this morning and after a long walk, he helped Ann in the garden as well…until I decided we should romp.

it's onMy favorite way to get Monty to play with me is to stab him in the neck with my nose.  He resists at first, but the more I jab, the more irritated he becomes and then it’s game on!

Only Gretchen says we have to take it easy since Monty has kind of a bum front leg. So there is no jumping off the deck and our time is limited to one minute.

It’s amazing how much wrestling we can get in in one minute.  We have to work quickly, but in 60 seconds of playing today, I think I was thrown to the ground at least ten times and Monty bit at my neck five times. Here is a time elapsed sequence of our fun…


up hightime's up

Notice, no matter how fierce we look or how high Monty leaps, Ann just keeps working in her garden. I told you she loved it!

Next, we picked up Oshi and Perrito next door and headed to the field for some fetch. Even though it’s cloudy today, it’s very muggy so we got pretty hot pretty quickly. Still, we had a great time.

perrito and mePerrito and Monty

Instead of chasing his own ball, Perrito thought it wouuld be more fun to chase us. Oshi, on the other hand, watched as he always does. Perrito eventually got tired and he watched after awhile as well.


When Monty gets tired, he always lays by Gretchen’s backpack. We’re not sure why, but no matter where she sets it down, eventually Monty will end up there looking happy and content.

happy and content

After a little rest, everyone wants to play more fetch so they race out into the middle of the field and wait for the ball…

where's the ball?

“I think we have to remind her to throw it, Monty. Don’t worry, I’ll do it,” said Perrito.

I'll get it

Eventually, Gretchen can get Oshi to run a little, but it takes lots of effort and he only goes a little ways then he stops and watches some more.

runningwatching again

By the time we were done, everyone was pretty tired. Oshi and Perrito went home to rest and Monty stayed with me while Gretchen went to walk Gemma who is still healing. They went for a long walk and visited the summer gardens around the neighborhood. First stop, a meditative pose at the Bradner Gardens.


But soon Gemma wanted to continue the walk…”This Cone of Shame is hot, Gretchen. Let’s keep moving, okay?”

hot collar

So on their way they went down through the garden and then onto the wooded trail above the lake where Gemma ran along the shady trail dragging her leash.

on our wayleash drag

Finally, Gretchen found a flower that looked just like Gemma and made her pose in front of it. It made Gemma smile to know that she looked like a flower.

gemma the flower

On the way home from Gemma’s, Gretchen realized she was supposed to walk Lucy today so she headed up there to pick her up. Lucky for Monty and me, she brought Lucy to our house for a short visit, but then Lucy got to go to the big field and play fetch all by herself. She really, really liked that.

fetch timecloser fetch

Gretchen says that she likes it when Lucy doesn’t have the ball because her ears go straight up. Unfortunately, Lucy gets a little impatient and barks and whines for the ball to be thrown. Still, she’s cute, isn’t she?

frumpythrow the ball

So Gretchen throws it and Lucy is very happy…

fetch againhappy dog

We’re about to head out for our last walk of the afternoon. We have to take Monty back, which makes me kind of sad since he is my best friend, but we have to go out to dinner tonight and Monty unfortunately can’t come with us. Maybe next time, buddy!

Still no real rain, but there isn’t supposed to be any now, is there?  After all it is summer time!

Until tomorrow,


PS — Grandma, I’m sorry I didn’t proofread today. We’re kind of in a hurry, but I hope my mistakes are few.  Love you, Rubin

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