June 25, 2009

wind-doWindy City

Summertime is a time when the sun usually comes out and the rainclouds go away. It’s true that this summer has been fairly true to form, but of late, we’ve had a few more clouds, a lot less rain, and not so much sun.  Today, for instance, we had wind and lots of it.

But we also had fun since Ann is off for the summer and she gets to go with us on our work walks.

Oh, and it’s not just Ann who went with us today. Grandma Genevieve is here from Mexico and she got to visit Seward Park, the first walk of the day.  She loved it — “A very beautiful place,” she said — but at first she was a little cold. It’s not as warm and sunny here as it is in Mexico. Luckily, we had extra jacketsbundled and she bundled up against the wind as we walked around Seward Park with Mr. Ollie.

Yep, that’s Ollie standing with Ann — they are both showing off their wind-blown hairdos!  I like Ollie’s the best!

Once we got past the windy side of the park, the sun was much warmer and everyone was glad about that.  It was so warm that both Ollie and I thought it might be a good idea if we could go swimming.

We were the only ones who thought that was a good idea.

swimming?So instead of diving into the lake, we headed up to the wooded trails while Ann and Grandma Genevieve continued on aroundpaved path the paved lake path.

The wooded trails are very fun, but they are even more adventurous with the wind pushing the big trees back and forth.

Ollie was a little scared at first because those trees can really creak and sway, but once he realized we could run and play and chase each other, he was very excited to be in the woods with me.

Oh, and the smells!  My goodness the forest was rich with wonderful smells of raccoons and squirrels and who knows who else!

posingclose by

After our romp on the trails, we swooped back down to the paved path where we astonishingly met up with Ann and Grandma Genevieve again. Talk about perfect timing! We paused there to watch a heron resting on an old dock and then headed off toward the car a little warmer and a lot happier!

heronto the car

I got to rest when we got home while Gretchen took Gemma for a walk around the neighborhood. Gemma had fun and is feeling more chipper these days so at the end of the walk, they swung by the house to pick me up. It was good to see Gemma, but we didn’t get our picture taken together. Instead, she was “posed” by some Seattle landmarks…

Flowers of the Mt. Baker neighborhood…

these flowersflowers2

The Martin Luther King Jr. fountain and park; the Seattle skyline…


And Gemma happy (and tired) to be heading to my house for a short visit followed by a walk back to her house.


Short post today because I’m off to my last agility class for a few weeks.  We must get loaded up and on the road because the traffic is always so unpredictable.

Until tomorrow,


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