May 11, 2009

Dr. Rubin

tired dogI’m typing while Gretchen is sleeping. She’s feeling crummy today, something about an upset stomach.  Luckily, we were only responsible for Oshi and Perrito today. I’m not sure she’d be up for more. I’ve been playing doctor all day helping nurse Gretchen back to health. I made her go out today. She needed fresh air and the boys needed their walk. So did I.

We made our way to the little field where Gretchen let Oshi and Perrito drag their leashes. This was kind of funny because it was as if they were pulling sleds behind them. It didn’t bother Perrito in the least.  He was all frisky and rompy, ready to rumble the second Gretchen threw the ball for me, dragging his leash behind him as if it weren’t there.

and we're off!going

what leash?this leash?

Perrito even got into stalking me, which was pretty funny…like I’m not going to see him lying in the grass dragging that clunky leash behind him!

stalk 1stalk 2

Where is Oshi in all of this? Well, Oshi is all about sniffing and hanging out with Gretchen (I think he knew she was feeling under the weather) so he hung back and did silly things like lick his lips…

lip licking

And rolled like crazy in the grass…

rolling 1rolling 2

rolling 3

Gretchen said he looked like a hand muff…whatever that is.

After we got home, Gretchen laid down for a nice long nap, which is where she is right now, snoring away on the couch. I’m typing as quietly as I can so as not to wake her up. It’s the least a doctor can do.

Before I close, though, I wanted to give a friendly goodbye to my new friend Jasper who we’ve walked for the past month or so.  He has a new dog walker (one who lives closer than we do) and we hope he enjoys his new relationship. We got to walk him one last time on Saturday and it was great to have a chance to say goodbye.  Maybe someday we can play with him again. He’s a very sweet boy and I will miss him. Good thing I have some nice pictures of us to remember our time together!

Jasper and meJasper and me2

Shhhh, I think Gretchen’s stirring.  I’m going to go check on her now. Hopefully she’ll feel better soon. It’s a busy week ahead!

Dr. Rubin

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