May 8, 2009

rompMy Dogs Is Tired

I have to admit…I am one tired dog. It’s been a long week and today was a long day so I suppose it’s not a surprise that I’m ready for bed.

But duty calls, though I’ll tell you right now, I’m not up to my usual verbal wrangling tonight. My apologies in advance. Instead, I will share our day in pictures and let me tell you there are quite a few of them!

First, I met a new friend today. Her name is Roo and she took quite a fancy to me! She followed me everywhere and even played a few rounds of fetch with me.  That was fun though it would have been more fun if Monty had joined in.

Monty is in recovery, though. He got to run after a couple of balls, but then he started in with a slight gimp and Gretchen put him back on the leash. He was none too happy.  Gretchen feels bad, though, because she thinks this move (see photo below) aggravated his sore leg:

pounceIt’s true. Monty likes to pounce on the ball and this pounce probably was the culprit. But what’s a dog to do? Some habits are really hard to break.  So onto the leash he went and he was really disappointed when Rico joined in the play!

smellingRico and Roo play at this field often so maybe we’ll all be able to get together again some time soon. For now, pictures of our friends will have to suffice.


Looking back, I think this romp with Roo is what put me on the road to tiredness this evening!


Of course all the fetching probably added to this exhaustion as well…

throw the ball for me!more romping

Even Rico got into the act!

rico pounce

I wonder if Rico and Roo are as tired as I am?

After the morning romp, Monty stayed at our house while Gretchen and I walked the boys — Oshi and Perrito. It must be tough having this view of the world…

helmet view

…but Perrito seems to be adjusting to his life in the collar.  Oshi still kind of steers clear, though…

safer back here

During our walk, the sun just started to show itself. Finally. Oshi, Perrito, and I really enjoyed it…

sunsun too

I did get a bit of rest while Gretchen went to Gerta’s house for a walk.  Gerta also learned a new trick today.  It’s called “touch” and Gretchen tells me she was quick to pick it up. It’s a trick I know as well. It’s simple, really, but it requires the dog (me or Gerta) to touch our noses to the palm of Gretchen’s hand.  If we do, we get a treat or a ball thrown or lots and lots of rubs.  Gerta liked the rubs the best!

rub timemore

please more

Now that’s a look of contentment!

touch game

sweet pea

The work day ended with a Teabiscuit walk. As you know, Teabiscuit is a bit dog-fearful. She adjusted pretty well to me yesterday, but since Monty spent the day with us, well he came along with us this afternoon. Even though they look alike, it took most of the walk for Teabiscuit to warm up (slightly) to the big Sir Moncelot.

the three of usIronically, whenever she got scared of Monty, she walked close to me, but eventually, she and Monty walked side by side.


She still had that look in her eye and at one point she used it to warn Monty to keep his distance…

that lookstay back, buster

But by the end of the walk, she had her tail up and didn’t seem too terrified of us anymore…

tail up

The day ended with one last walk with Monty (after dinner) and then we took him home.

Well, I made it through this blog and again I apologize for the lack of wit and wisdom, but it’s the weekend and I’m ready for some R and R.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,


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