February 16, 2009

Learning About Presidents

Today, in human language, is known as Presidents Day.  Despite Gretchen telling me all about it (she used to teach history, ya know), I’m still a little baffled. Humans choose a pack leader? In my world, you just ARE a pack leader. No one gets to choose. But this is just one of many things I’ve had difficulty understanding about humans.

Regardless, Presidents Day means our work was light today, just Oshi and Perrito, and it also means that both my moms are home for the day.  That’s nice.  In fact, my other mom (Ann) has the whole week off so I’ve heard mention of something like skiing and snow and a cabin.  Putting two and two together, I think this means fewer dogs to walk this week and time up in the mountains playing in what little snow there is.  I’ll take what I can get.

Back to today. It was beautiful out. Sunny, blue, and warm. (I think there is some kind of connection between this weather and not a lot of snow in the mountains, but I need another explanation before I can completely understand it.) We picked up the boys next door and then headed to the park and off-leash at the courts.

Oshi was very happy.

warm weather! We all were, actually!

the chase

Wait…that’s not the picture I wanted. That’s the picture of Blackberry. She’s a dog we met at the tennis courts.  She’s a 5 month old bull mastiff.  You understand what this means, don’t you?  She’s bigger than me (in weight and height) and she’s only 5 months old!

blackberryBlackberry came with family in tow.  When Perrito saw them outside the courts, he got very excited and very curious!

the meeting Oshi, on the other hand, hid in the shadows of the people and the backpack.  Silly boy.


I kind of understand it though. Blackberry has yet to learn her strength!

slimedWe wrestled, but she slimed me good in the game. Oh well. It’s the price one must pay for the kind of work I do.I'm tired

Personally, I think Perrito’s tongue-out-face expressed what it was like to play with Blackberry!

But it was a perfect day for the adventure…sun, warmth, friends, and all those presidents we appear to be celebrating!

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