February 13, 2009

On A Day Like This

nice dayI’m trying to figure out what I did wrong.  It all started out as usual and then, well then it all shifted to something terribly different than the way I’d planned.

Friday’s are a Monty day and we picked him up as usual for a short walk and then we piled into the car.  I was excited because usually a ride in the car means an adventue.  I suppose, in some ways, it was an adventure, but not the kind I had hoped for.

We ended up at the groomers, what Gretchen likes to call the “spa” only she doesn’t have to stay there so what does she know about it?

do you work here?

It’s hard for me to explain the spa.  I love going there because there are treats, Lilianna, the groomer is very nice to me, Monty goes with me, and I get to play with all sorts of dogs. But I hate the spa, too, because I get a bath, I get brushed, I get dried by a loud blow dryer and I spend the whole day NOT playing. Oh, and there are other things they do to me that I do not wish to write about!

Okay, I play a little bit. We all run around together in the backyard, but that’s it.  No long walks, no playing fetch, no visiting all the pee spots and smells around the city — all the things I get to do by owning my own business.

on a walkBut what makes this all worse is that, while I’m at the spa (with Monty) Gretchen is out having the fun that I’d planned for the day.  I’m not sure I can forgive her for this, but while we were being primped and clipped, she went to the dog park. That’s right. She went to the Disneyland of dog parks.  How can this be?

From the pictures, I think she had a really good time.  She met all sorts of other dogs and a few other dog walkers, too.  She even met another poodle named Monty who’d apparently been to the groomer before he went to the park.

Monty's do

the tongue

who are you?

Gretchen went to the park to meet up with Veronica, of Hazel’s Dog Walking. She also met Hazel. Wish I had. She seems like the kind of gal I’d really like.

saying helloThis is Veronica with another dog — one she sometimes walks, but today was out with someone else.  This dog likes to greet people like I do — a walk between the legs — it’s the best way to get rubs on both sides of my body!

And this is Hazel. She’s kind of cute, don’t you think?


And this is Hazel with her mom and a couple of other clients — Jackson and Loki — doing what dogs do best…waiting patiently for treats!

treat time It appears from the photos (all I have to go on since I wasn’t there!) that Veronica is very loved by many of the dogs at the Veronicapark.

I hope I get a chance to love her, too.

When Gretchen got home, she walked Oshi and Perrito and figured out how to take pictures of herself and the boys while holding two leashes.

leaf boysmile

Where I am during all of this?  Yep, still at the groomer.  And I thought this was MY business too!  Does this mean that when she goes to the human groomer I get to go out without her?

I bet not.

Watch for photos of us groomed.  I’m sure Gretchen will bring her camera so we don’t feel too left out…

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