February 17, 2012

Less is More

As a teacher, Gretchen heard the phrase (and believed in it wholeheartedly) that “less is more.” She thought, mistakenly, that this was educational lingo referring to the fact that sometimes educators try to cram way too much into kids’ heads instead of helping them figure it out for themselves.

But recently, she attended the Tallgrass Acupressure Institute’s hands-on course — Introduction to Acupressure — and lo and behold, what’s the phrase she heard again and again? Yep, less is more.

Only in this course it wasn’t about how much is crammed into the students’ heads (Gretchen says that A LOT was crammed into her head and she’s still trying to sort it out!), but rather the way a practitioner approaches a treatment, specifically the way a practitioner touches a dog.

As a massage therapist, Gretchen realized her touch is more not less and so transitioning to the less for acupressure was a challenge. A good challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

When she told me all of this, I started to think about the phrase in my own life. I, as you may have suspected, am a “more” kind of guy especially when it comes to certain things. For instance, MORE play time is always better than less and MORE time with friends is preferable.

But when I thought more deeply about it, there are somethings where I prefer “less.” Like sometimes I don’t want to eat. This is frustrating for my parents and for those who take care of me, and I can’t really explain why I am this way, but there are occasions (apparently more than my other canine friends) when less food is just fine with me.

Less rain, too. I could do with less rain in the month of February especially and while you think that means I want more sun (which sometimes I do), this is not always the case. Sometimes I just don’t want there to be rain. Whatever the “more” that needs to take its place is fine with me (snow, dry gray, or sun).

Less cats. I suppose this should read as “fewer” cats, but it’s not that I want to reduce their numbers, I just want less of them in my life. They drive me crazy. Perhaps if I was allowed to chase them my opinion would shift to more from less.

But overall, I’m about MORE — more walks, more play, more cuddling, more time on the couch, more friends, more adventures, more swimming, more snow, more family, more treats… more, more, more.

Still, Gretchen has been practicing what she learned on me and I have to admit that less can sometimes be beneficial. While I love my massages and want as many of them as I can get, I’m learning to appreciate the delicate and yet powerful touch of acupressure.

Of course, now I want MORE of the LESS which is kind of funny when you think about it.

Oh yeah, and I want more laughter. That’s always a good more to have in one’s life.

My friends/clients are also about more, I think, but to make certain I asked them and here’s what they said:

Rosie: “More = Abundance and Abundance means I get everything I want when I want it because it’s my job to provide MORE silliness in your life and less focus on those serious things like work and errands.”

Tyson: “I hate to ask for more. I really don’t want to impose. Wait. Is that a cookie you’re holding out for me? No really, I don’t want to be a burden. Less, less, less…wait, are you offering me the cookie? More more more!!! Sorry. Please. Is that okay?”

Monty: “What’s less? Explain.”

Roux: “Bark Bark Bark = More More More = Big Smiles, Tail Wags, and as much fun as I can possibly cram into every minute of every day. Whew. I’m tired!”

Quillette: “Well, I must say, youthful exuberance is all about more. I, my dears, find that less is substantial. Balance, little ones, balance. Seek it. Feel it. Be filled with it. And when you have a moment, could you scratch my bum and massage my belly?”

Woobie: “More did me in! My broken toe is a testament, but I think it’s finally healing so now I”m learning to walk the thin line between less and more. It’s a very thin line, let me tell you and at times my body is bursting with the desire for more, more, more. Oy!”

As you can see, we all have our opinions. Perhaps it’s best to say may your days be filled with the more you need and the less you desire.

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