December 14, 2010

Uh, No!

“Looks like a raincoat day, Rubin.”

Those were the words that greeted me this morning. My response?

“Un, no!” and then I ran upstairs and hid behind the bed.

As you can see, it didn’t work. I had to wear that stinkin’ raincoat most of the day. No matter how many times I tried to rip it off, Gretchen just kept securing the Velcro again and again and I was stuck, like a sausage inside its casing.

Of course, it really rained today and I suppose wearing the raincoat did keep me dry…and warm…but I still really hate that thing. Can’t I just get wet and dry off later?

“Uh, no!” was Gretchen’s response.

Good thing we didn’t have a lot of dogs to walk.

“And it’s a good thing,” Gretchen pointed out, “That most of them own raincoats!”

Yeah, whatever.

The first walk was with Rosie and I sniffed her raincoat while she sniffed mine. “Do you like yours?” I asked.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I tend to catch a chill if I don’t wear it in weather like this.”

“Not me,” I responded. “I don’t catch anything, but still I have to wear it.”

Gemma wears a coat, too, but she doesn’t notice it in the least. “Do you like your coat?” I asked.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I?” and then she barked at a dog she thought might be lurking behind a fence…there was no dog, but Gemma was off and so were we.

When we picked up Saber he said, “You two look like Christmas?”

“We do?” Gemma said surprised.

“Yeah, red and green like Christmas colors!”

“Where’s your coat?” I asked.

“On,” he said.

“No, silly. Not that coat. Where’s your raincoat?”

“What’s a raincoat?” he asked, “And why would I need one?”

Precisely my point!

Until tomorrow,


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