November 30, 2010

One Wet Day, One Wet Walk, Two Wet Dogs

I begged and begged and begged Gretchen to take photos today since we only had one walk and one dog on the schedule, but it was a very long walk and a very wet day and despite all my begging it was too wet to pull out the camera.

I know, I know. Yesterday I talked about how Seattle as a reputation for being a rainy city and how I thought that was unfair because really we’re not that rainy and as if to publicly humiliate me, it rained hard and constantly today as if Noah had heard more words from Dog. The rain never let up. Gretchen kept saying, “I promise I’ll take a photo when it slows down a bit, Rubin,” but then it never slowed down and we thought maybe it was going to let up, it rained even harder. It was like the clouds took a deep breath for a split second and then exhaled more rain.

Geez! So I owe an apology to everyone who believed me when I said that it doesn’t rain much in Seattle. And I owe an apology to my buddy, Saber who endured the extra long walk in the extra hard downpour and has not one single photo to show for it. That’s why I posted other photos of Saber because he deserves to be recognized for the rainy bravery he showed today.

Of course, if you know Saber at all, you know he couldn’t care less about the rain and that he smiled the whole miserable way, happy to be out with me walking down by the lake and up the big hills and all along the wooded trails.

He’s a good boy, that Saber — better than I am since I kind of got cranky about being so wet. Gretchen said I had no right to complain because if she’d pulled out my raincoat, I would have hidden upstairs and she didn’t want to put me through that today. Instead, I got wet. We all got wet.

Actually, the camera didn’t get wet…

Until tomorrow,


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