November 15, 2010


So, as you know, today was my first day back to work in a week. I was so excited about the day, I woke early and got all squirmy. I wanted to jump on the bed and nudge Gretchen awake, but I could tell she was sleeping (SNORING!) soundly so I refrained. I tapped my paws lightly on my own soft bed, but no one moved. Finally, after what seemed like hours and hours and hours, there was some stirring. Gretchen shuffled passed me, headed down to make coffee, and then whistled for us to join her (she’s always whistles…it’s kind of cute!).

I raced downstairs, bolted to the back door, and anxiously awaited for the day to begin only you know what greeted me? RAIN!

Really? REALLY? This is the way I’m going back to work all wet and wind blown?

Well, I held my head up as high as I could manage and commenced with the day hoping that the wind would keep the rain at bay and we’d be able to have some fun despite the wet start to Monday. I got some of my wishes.

First, I got a walk all alone with Gretchen, which as really nice because she was gone from home way too long last week and I really missed her. Then she headed off to walk Rosie and Tyson and boy, were they ever lucky. No rain at all. Just wind and lots of it. They posed nicely, but then all of the sudden Tyson was alone in the pose and Rosie was at Gretchen’s feet looking up in that sad way she has begging for treats.

“It’s been so long since you walked us,” Rosie moaned, “I don’t think anyone has fed me any treats since then!”

She was lying of course, but Tyson joined in hoping to sway Gretchen’s hand into her treat pocket. It worked and they were very pleased — especially Rosie!

Next, Gretchen picked up Gemma who donned her raincoat in preparation, but she too only faced gusts of wind that kept her ears pinned to her head for most of the walk. They gathered up Oshi and Perrito and while they were happy to get out for a bit, they were none too pleased when the rain showed up once again. Not for long, though, so they didn’t get too wet.

Gemma picked me up on the way back to her house and we were lucky because the rain stayed at bay until we got to to her house. Once she was safely inside, the skies opened up a bit more and rain came down just in time for Saber’s walk. Good thing he doesn’t care. As we made our way down by the lake and then up through the forested parks, I didn’t care either because I got to run in the woods and Saber, well Saber got to do what Saber likes to do best — chew on sticks.

In fact, he was so overwhelmed by all the sticks at his feet, Gretchen had a very hard time getting a picture of just Saber without a stick in his mouth…

…or his paw in his mouth…


So by the time I got home, I was pretty darn wet and dirty and I’ll admit it, tired. I had a week off after all so I guess it makes sense. Regardless, I was ready to curl up in my bed and sleep while Gretchen headed off to the pool for work. I wonder how happy she was to get in warm water? It was still water and she was still wet, but at least, it was warm.

Until tomorrow,

Rubin (Really!)

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