October 6, 2010

The Rule of Five

What a beautiful day. I wish Gretchen had taken more photos of the sky and the trees and the shimmering lake. But she’s been kind of under the weather lately, feeling a tad sick and therefore just making it through the schedule without much fanfare. It seems like everyone is coming down with a cold these days. I hear dogs can get them, but I have yet to experience it.

What I have experienced is another osteopathy appointment. I’m not sure I like it. Well, let me rephrase that: I go in prepared not to like it and then I’m sound asleep under the gentle hands of the doctor. Not sure how that works, but Gretchen claims that my Rule of Five will kick in and everything will be okay after that.

You see, contrary to what it might seem like to those of you who read this blog, I’m kind of a nervous fellow. I don’t mean to be, but somehow the nervous genes in me went into overdrive so I do things like bark at strange noises (“He sees dead people” is what Gretchen tells everyone) and put my ears back if someone I don’t know well tries to pet me on the head. The doctor I’m seeing thinks all these nervous quirks are a result of my not so great confirmation — bad mouth structure to be specific — which has resulted in a bum knee, a sore shoulder, a quirky elbow, a crick in my neck, and an out of whack hip. It’s an interesting theory and lately I’ve been getting all sorts of treatments for my issues — Chinese herbs for my nervousness, homeopathic remedies for my sore body parts, massages, swims, and today, an osteopathy appointment.

But I’m not great at meeting new people and to let those new people touch me the way the doctor touches me, well, it’s an emotional drain onme. You see, it usually takes me about five times of meeting someone before I trust them, which is why Gretchen calls it the Rule of Five. Today was my second doctor’s visit and it’s hard to change the rule when it’s been so ingrained in me for so long. Still, I’m a fairly obedient dog so when Gretchen tells me to lie down on the floor next to her so the doctor can do her work, I obey. Not comfortably, but I obey.

And then the doctor touches me. She always starts on my back, at the base of my tail, which really makes me nervous, but the more she works her way up my spine, around my neck and onto my shoulders, the more I kind of lose control of my nervousness and relax. I don’t relax completely, but I’m certainly not all freaked out with the stranger touching me for a second time. Gretchen told the doctor that by the fifth time I’ll be putty in her hands, but I’m not so sure.

Anyway, because of all my ailments (and perhaps because of Gretchen’s cold) I haven’t been able to play fetch or roughhouse with my friends. This is a huge disappointment in my life because chasing madly after a ball or rolling around with Saber and Monty is just about the greatest fun in the whole wide world. But all of that has been banished from my routine for quite some time and I’m not sure it’s helping my nervous issues any.

But what do I know? I’m not a doctor and if truth be told, I am feeling better — not so sore or gimpy — and I even kind of like the relaxing herbs they’re giving me. I mean, it’s tough to be watchful and on guard every minute so what harm can a few chill pills do?

Yes, we worked today despite our many ailments and I, for one, am immensely glad of it. It was beautiful today and it would have killed me to have to stay indoors on such a gorgeous day.

As you can see from the above photos, it was kind of light workload, too. After my doctor’s appointment (Monty came with me) I introduced Monty to Gertie and as you can see, they got along famously! Gertie wasn’t too sure at first, but Monty used his disarming charm to woo her and let me tell you, it worked! She wanted to lie as close to him as she could get (Gertie’s a bit nervous like me).

Monty and I had a long walk together earlier in the morning, too (no photos), so we got left at home to rest (which is something the doctor ordered for me) while Gretchen took Oshi and Perrito over to pick up Saber. They, too, enjoyed the warm and glorious fall day by resting on a picnic bench in the park. As you can see, Oshi and Perrito aren’t so sure about Saber and his goofy size, but everyone got along well, which frankly, is what it’s all about — Rule of Five or no Rule of Five.

I’m off to bed (Gretchen’s there already), but as always, upward and onward!

Until tomorrow,


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