August 2, 2010

We’re Back!!!

Some would call our week off a vacation. I’d call it torture. But we’re back and I, for one, am not going to live in the past, thank you very much!

I shouldn’t complain. I got to go on long walks in the morning and sometimes we’d play fetch. Then I’d go swimming or more long walks with my other mother, Ann. In the evening, when Gretchen returned from her day at massage class, she’d practice what she learned on me, which I enjoyed very much, but still…not working is something I can’t handle very well.

And I missed my friends (aka: clients). Gretchen told me she missed them too and so last night, when we finally went to bed (after a wonderful day with the grandparents) we had a hard time falling asleep thinking about how much fun we’re going to have getting back to work today. Of course, it didn’t help that this morning, our smoke detectors ran themselves through a series of tests — beeping loudly every half hour or so — waking us up way too early.

Still, I was excited to get to work even though our first walk of the day was one I didn’t go on. Yep, Gretchen walked Rosie and Tyson and the “greeting” and “welcome back” for all involved was lively! I know, it’s hard to tell from the photos, but really, they were both very happy to be out walking with Gretchen…they were just distracted by all the crows!

As you can see, Tyson is still wearing a thundershirt to help him with his anxiety. It seems to be working. He also got some acupuncture and I’m hearing rumors that I might have to see the same doctor that he’s seeing. I wonder why? Do they think I have anxiety issues?


Next up was Gemma who first got to walk with Oshi and Perrito…

And then she came over to our house to try and play with me…instead we hung out in the backyard! It was very nice!

We took Gemma home and then picked up Saber and the two of us rode along in the car to Alice’s house. She was happy to see me, but she wasn’t so pleased that silly Saber came along. I’d forgotten how silly he is and kind of ADD. Every time we tried to take the photo, he kept getting distracted by all the smells and Alice did her best to get as far away from Saber as she could and therefore wouldn’t look at the camera very much! Oy! I’d forgotten all the social dynamic situations, too!

In fact, after looking at these photos, you’d never know the three of us were all sitting within five feet of each other! Luckily Gretchen took a photo to prove that yes, we all were on the same walk!

It’s funny though because halfway through the walk, Alice is walking side by side with Saber, her tail up, her ears happy, and an actual smile on her face. It’s hard for Gretchen to get that photo, though seeing as how she has to control three leashes!

After our walk, Saber came over and we played hard in the backyard! So hard, even Saber got kind of tired!

Well, he might not look too tired here, but when he piled back in the car to head home, Gretchen says he flopped down in the back of the car, draped his big paw in between the front seats, and let out a big, happy sigh. I was doing the same (sans big paw) at home.

Yep, not only did we go back to work today, but Gretchen went back to work at the pool again too. She said she really missed it and while her hands are tired from massaging dogs and my paws are sore from hitting the pavement again, both of us are happy and content.

Very happy and very content.

I sure hope we don’t go on vacation again any time soon…

…truly, it’s torture for me!

Until tomorrow,


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