June 30, 2010

Day in the Middle

The flow of my day is dependent on a variety of ever-changing factors. I guess the same could be said for the flow of my week or my month or even the year, but since I like to live in the now, I’ll just talk about today.

First, since it is officially summer (and the weather is finally catching up to the name!) I rarely get left alone. Ann (my other mother) is on summer break and she is a flurry of project activity these days. She ripped out all the cupboards in the downstairs bathroom yesterday while Gretchen was at the pool. I tried to help, but Ann swinging a hammer makes me want to curl up on my bed and cover my head.

And Gretchen going off to work in the afternoons and evenings has been quite a change, too. It means that while I’m not alone (Ann is here), we are sort of alone and all those adventures we did together on summer evenings don’t happen. I’m okay with it — I mean, someone has to pay for my food and toys — but it’s a change nonetheless.

Of course, our daily schedule is always different depending on who is supposed to be walked and who isn’t. Throw in the occasional boarder and I’m never quite sure who I’ll be sharing my day with. For instance, we’re expecting Quillette some time today, but no one is quite sure when.

But there are routines within the varying schedules. Like today is Wednesday, the day in the middle of the week and the day when we always pick up Monty for the first walk of the day. I like that routine!

Of course, Monty always makes me feel a little frisky so it’s hard to contain my joy when I see him.

Take for instance the photo above — I am being a good dog, sitting, staying, and not playing with Monty, but let me tell you, I really, really wanted to play with Monty and so after a moment of being good, I busted loose and Gretchen caught me in the act!

Talk about disruptions in a routine, though and the first thing that comes to mind is Oshi and Perrito. Now that they have a newborn baby in their house, routines have gone out the window! They haven’t seemed to notice though. They were just as happy to see me today as usual!

Rosie is a creature of habit and routine, far more than I am. She loves to check her schedule and know exactly when something is happening, what exactly will be happened, and what’s coming on the agenda next. There are many things I like about Rosie even though I’ve never met her in dog-son and this is one of them — she doesn’t like change nor do I!

But I’ve learned to adapt and though I really enjoy walking Zoe, it appears that the schedule dictates that job now be in the paws of Ms. Gemma. Trust me, neither Gemma nor Zoe mind. They really enjoy each other’s company and as Gretchen says, they make a nice color combination. But today, Ann helped us out and we got to walk with Zoe…we ALL got to walk with Zoe! And Gretchen got to feed us all treats…what good dogs we are!

My work days, though, always end with Saber — our most regular of regulars — and for Monty and me, that’s a pretty nice punctuation mark at the end of an unpredictable day…though Monty didn’t want to pose for the photo…he wanted to smell all the good stuff happening at the pea patch!

And yes, off Gretchen went to work at the pool while I waited for Ann to pick up her hammer again. It didn’t happen, but trust me, there is never a dull moment at this house!

Until tomorrow,


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