March 31, 2010

Camp Argo

Occasionally, we have overnight guests. Not often, but when our friend Cindy called and asked, we said yes. No one consulted with me, of course. The “yes” was given without even a look in my direction and when I even complained just a little, I was told that I need to be a better host. Excuse me, but who’s sitting on the couch I’m not allowed to sit on? Who’s sleeping under the covers on your bed that I only get to visit for 10 minutes in the morning? Who jumps in your lap while you’re working on the computer? Who gets all the media attention when we’re out on our walking jobs?

Well, the answer wouldn’t be me now would it?

Our house has turned into Camp Argo and while I’ve held my tongue, I’m a little worried that this guy is winning the hearts and minds of everyone I know, mainly my parents!

They reassure me that Argo will indeed go home (this weekend) and that I should muster up a little patience, but when I hear them coo over his cuteness and let him cuddle up on the couch while we watch TV, I get a bit jealous.

I explained all of this to Monty — our first walk of the day — but I didn’t get a lot of sympathy. He thinks Argo’s kind of cute, but I think  he feels that way because they kind of look alike. Pure narcissism if you ask me.

Plus, Monty’s always been a push over for little dogs.

Maybe Camp Argo should move over to Monty’s house for the remainder of his stay?

Monty and I got to hang out together while Gretchen and Ann took Argo out with his friends next door — Oshi and Perrito. They all scurried their little bodies over to Gemma’s house who was thrilled by the little visitors. Luckily for them, the tennis courts were free and off they ran playing chase the Argo and Argo tag! At one point, Gemma even tried to figure out where Argo’s ON/OFF switch might be located since he was running each of them into the ground!

As you can see, everyone was focused on Argo. I guess they’re better hosts than I am, but hey, they don’t have to watch him charm his way into our lives with his cute waggy tail and his salt and pepper smile.

Luckily, Argo got left home with Monty (he was digesting his lunch) while I got to walk with Gretchen over to Saber’s house. It was good to spend time away from Argo though when we got to the tennis courts, two other little dogs were there — Dexter and Theo.

Not that I have anything against little dogs — I actually kind of like them better than most big dogs — but I felt like I’ve had my fair share of little dog energy. So I did my best to spend quality time with my big friend, Saber, even though he kept stealing my ball!

Saber and I wore each other out after awhile and then headed up to the gardens to rest in the shade.

As you can see, I was mighty tired. Being a good host, practicing patience, and taking care of my dog walking duties wore me out today.

But that didn’t stop me when Gretchen decided to give Monty another walk. “Oh yeah,” I thought, “I get to hang out with my best friend for awhile.”

Only guess who joined us? That’s right. Welcome to Camp Argo.

Okay, so I know it looks like I’m smiling and yes, I am smiling because…well how do I say this…Argo is a sweet dog and while he gets all these privileges that I don’t get, he’s been a wonderful house guest and I really can’t complain. Of course, when he leaves, I might just jump up on the couch to see how it’s received. I’ll make certain to give my most pleading smile when I do…something I learned from Argo!

Until tomorrow,


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