April 28, 2010

Don’t Be Fooled

This morning, when the alarm went off, I did what I always do — jumped on the human bed. This is my little treat granted to me each morning for about 20 minutes while Gretchen goes downstairs and makes coffee. From my comfy perch, I can see the sky, which is always a fascinating variety of weather systems.

Especially now.

It’s almost as if the sky and the weather are on a giant scroll and the all powerful Dog in the sky is cranking the scroll at a faster rate. Blue sky moves on by to make room for flat, purplish clouds. Purplish clouds pass by for big puffy white ones. The big puffy white ones gallop across the sky to be replaced by dark, gloomy clouds and then occasionally, flat grayness takes forever to move on through (though it does move) and douses us with sprinkles, mists, heavy rains, and yesterday, fat hail.

So this morning, with my hair still curly from yesterday’s walk in the unexpected downpour, I scanned the skies for any sign of what the all powerful Dog had in store for us on today’s scroll. I saw sun, I saw blue sky, I saw the pink hint of the sun rising in the east, and on the horizon, I saw flat, gray clouds.

“Will they make an appearance today?” I wondered.

Well, I got my answer!

The day started with some classroom work where I helped the students finish up their stories, which are due next week. They are in a panic, but with my help they made great progress today.

Then we ventured to Monty’s house and finally swung by Oshi and Perrito’s just as the clouds were gathering on the horizon. Still, no rain. In fact, it was pretty darn pleasant, though it was good the little guys had on their sweaters!

Next up was Rosie and she was happy to see the sun by the time she went out with Gretchen. It made for dramatic and sunny photos along the way.

Still, Gretchen watched the horizon judging if and when the “storm” that was forecast this morning would actually occur.

I mean, look at the sun on those flowers and then the clouds gathering on the horizon. Difficult to know what it’s going to do!

Next was Gemma who is, dare I say, a storm in and of herself, but today she and Saber got to play and as you can see the sky was a split personality though they didn’t seem to mind!

Once the kids got their ya-yas out they went for a walk and Gretchen monitored the weather the whole way. When they got over the ridge, the wonderful flowers stood out boldly against the oncoming gray, but all Saber wanted to do was get his nose collar off.

And all Gemma wanted to do was get rewarded for sitting and staying and looking like an angel.

By the time they made it up and over the hill, the clouds to the west had amassed into one huge bank of blackness. Yes, some kind of storm was a-comin’ but it was hard to tell if what hung in the west would skim by us and head north, or take a dramatic turn and bring rain and perhaps thunderstorms our way.

Oh please! Not the thunderstorms!

Finally, Gretchen came by and picked up Monty and me after our post-brunch rest. We walked some, but then headed to the little field to play fetch because quite frankly, time was running out. The sky was building up with more threats than I’ve ever seen. And talk about split personalities…these next two shots were taken within seconds of each other and only with a few degrees of separation!

Quick, throw the ball! We haven’t got much time!

Yep, there is still sun in those photos, but don’t be fooled. I’m telling you, the clouds were moving in as the wind picked up and the temperatures started to drop.

Of course, we didn’t want to stop playing, but Gretchen finally leashed us up and we headed back towards Monty’s house.

We dropped Monty off and then headed home just as the sky started pelting us with large drops of rain. By the time we got home, this is what it looked like on the back porch. Whew!

The sky always tries to fool me. I know I’m still young, but since I spend a good portion of every day outside, I think I’ve become pretty skilled at reading the sky. Then again, every day (especially in the spring) is full of surprises. I guess I just need to appreciate the surprises.

Until tomorrow (whatever weather there may be!)


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