July 17, 2009

sparklesSparkles, Sprinklers, and Finding Shade

Summer is heating up. At almost 90 degrees, today required water and shade in any way we could find it and find it we did.

The morning began with a walk to the lake with my Friday morning best friends — Quillette and Monty. I thought we’d head straight down to the water, but no, Gretchen had a different idea.

“We want get our long walk in early,” she said, “because it’s only going to get hotter, so let’s walk down through Frink Park and then end up at the lake, okay?”

What am I going to do? Rip off my leash and race to the lake?

I think not, but I’ll give her credit. Walking through the shade of the park was  nice and by the time we did get to the lake, we were ready for a nice dip in the sparkling water!

qdip mdip

Quillette even went after a ball. She never does that!

water fetch

getting wet

But mostly we just wet our bodies for the long walk back up the hill to my house.

Once at the house, we hung out in the backyard while Gretchen took Oshi and Perrito out on a walk to the park. The boys are looking good in their new hairdos, don’t ya think?


In fact, they were looking so handsome, they even attracted a buddy!  This is Mac and he’s a bulldog…if you couldn’t tell!


Perrito thought Mac was pretty cool. The feeling was mutual!

meetingmy ball?

They both enjoyed playing fetch…


Even Oshi showed an interest in Mac, though not as much interest as Perrito did!

curiousvery curious

But it was getting hot, so after a short while, Mac went on his way and Oshi and Perrito rested in the shade until it was time to walk back home. Looking good, fellas!

looking good

After she dropped off the boys, Gretchen headed over to Gemma’s house for a walk, but by that time it was mighty hot. Gemma begged for something cool and refreshing!

hot dogreally hot dog

And then she saw something glorious!


It’s rare that the park sprinklers would be on in the middle of the day, but the maintenance guy was there checking them out. Lucky for Gemma!


get itouch

And then she came to our house where we were all trying to stay cool in the slim shade of the stone wall!

slim shade

Well, except Quillette who is a sun dog if there ever was one. And Gemma, being the puppy that she still is, tried to find some mischief. We knew this because of her very alert tail posturing!

sun dogalert tail

Gemma found her mischief by backing herself up against me again and again. This is how she invites me to play. I gave in eventually, but Monty did his best to get out of her way! Eventually though, even Gemma got hot and just relaxed in the shade. That’s the kind of day it was!

out of the wayshade time

We’re taking off early this afternoon to pile in the car and go to the river.  I love going to the river though I hear it’s hotter on the other side of the mountains than it is on this side. I can’t imagine! At least I can just hang out in the river, fast and chilly — just how I like it!

Until next week!


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