July 14, 2009

yikesStorming the Bastille!

The French have importance in our family. I’m not exactly sure how other than that Ann’s mom is French and Ann herself was born in France, but today the colors of France rang throughout the house when Ann woke up singing the French National Anthem at the top of her voice.

Wow, what a song. Kind of bloody and all, but still inspiring.

And when Gemma and Ollie realized the importance of the day, they showed me how the peasants stormed the Bastille!



Of course, the ycharged each other a lot, too (as you can see from the last photo) so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

The day did not start out with Ollie and Gemma though. It started out with Oshi and Perrito. Usually we don’t walk them on Tuesdays, but since I was vacationing in Oregon, they agreed to shift to Tuesday. Thanks guys!

We went for a walk and Ann came with us as we headed up to Ollie’s house to see if he wanted to join us. He gave a resounding YES to our invitation and we all headed back to my house for some play time.  Oshi and Perrito weren’t as into playing as Ollie and I were, though, so they hung out while we played.

under the tableunder the table 2

a little playwatch out

Oshi played a little bit, but when Ollie and I went at it, he scurried over to Gretchen and huddled under her legs. That just gave Ollie and me a lot more room to really romp and romp we did!


wanna play?wanna play2

At one point Oshi tried to wander back onto the porch, and that’s when I noticed something hanging off his bottom. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t help myself.


That’s when Oshi decided it was time to go back home. Sorry, buddy. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings!

And then Gretchen went to Gemma’s house, picked her up, brought her back to our house and the three of us — Ollie, Gemma, and I — headed to the park for more romping and fetch.  By that time, Ollie was pretty tired and I was fading a bit, but Gemma was raring to go. Luckily, there were some swallows she could chase after we got tired of her chasing us! She loved that.

raring to goBird?

But eventually, even Gemma got tired and that’s when we all hung out in the shade before walking Ollie and Gemma home.

rest timehanging out2

hanging out3hanging out4

Storming the Bastille is a lot like dog walking — it can really wear a guy out!

Onward tomorrow, though. Full day that promises hot temperatures and perhaps a trip to the lake!

Until then,


PS – What’s a Bastille and why would we want to storm it?

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