May 6, 2009

out and aboutA Very Special Day!

Sure, there’s rain and cold weather. The stock market is shaky and there are crooks about, but today is a very special day!  It’s my grandmother’s birthday!  Happy 82nd Birthday Grandma!


I’m not supposed to say how old she is? But doesn’t that just mean she’s 11ish in dog years?

Sorry Grandma if I’ve offended, but I really wanted everyone to know what a special day it is!treat time

It is also a special day because my friend, Perrito got to go out on a full walk!  He was very happy about it as was his mate, Oshi. They raced around at the end of their leashes, leaping and scurrying through the puddles.  I know his eye doesn’t look very happy, but the stitches are out and most importantly, he’s free to go out and smell the grass and receive treats from the best mail carrier ever! It may not look like Oshi is very excited to see her, but Oshi keeps his excitement under his collar (so to speak). He was more than willing to share in a snack once it was offered!


It was a very wet day today.  The weather made us all a bit soggy, but Oshi and Perrito didn’t seem to mind.

Surprising.  They usually tip toe through the puddles and cower in the downpour.

Not today. Today they were both very happy that they could be outside together. The weather made no difference at all!


Because of the rain, Gretchen couldn’t get all the frisky pictures she wanted to get, but she did capture this one of Perrito racing to the next smell!

happy dog

While our day started with rain, it didn’t start with Oshi and Perrito. Nope, the day was special not only because of Grandma’s birthday, not only because of Perrito’s new freedom, but also because I got to spend most of the day with Monty!  We went for a long, long walk in the pouring down rain. Gretchen didn’t bring the camera because it would have been impossible to take photographs in the downpour. Instead, she waited until we got home and were down for our naps.

Nap time?

I’m always a bit relunctant to take a nap, but with some encouragement, I put my head down and pretend.


My favorite place to nap is next to my buddy, Monty. He’s such a swell guy and shares the kitchen bed with me even though he started napping in it first.

napping together

Before I laid down for a nap with Monty, I tried to get into the bed while he was still asleep. He made room for me, but in this photograph you can tell he just woke up because he always licks his lips when he wakes.  It’s very cute.

cutenessSo while it was a pretty laid back day (thanks to the rain), it was still very special for me.

I got to race around and nap with my best buddy.

Oshi got to race around and puddle jump with his recovering buddy, Perrito.

And Grandma gets to celebrate a birthday with Grandpa!  Sure hope the cake Grandpa made was delicious!


Grandpa didn’t make a cake?  Oh, but I bet he did something loving and wonderful.  I bet if you ask nicely, Grandma, he’ll muster up a chewy dog treat for you! That’s what he always gives me.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

All my love,


PS — Gretchen wanted me to tell you, Grandma that she has to work tonight therefore she won’t be able to call you and wish you a happy birthday.  She’ll call tomorrow, but know you are in her thoughts! XXOO

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