May 13, 2009

Learning Patience

patienceWednesdays and Fridays Monty comes over and we walk, we eat lunch together, we hang out, and most importantly, we play.? Our playing is pretty physical and consists of lots of boxing, dancing on our back legs, and leaping off the back porch (among other things). But Gretchen says Monty is getting older and that the romping is tough on his body, that he, in fact, is suffering from a strained front leg and must take it easy.

So she made me PROMISE that if Monty spent the day with us, I would not harass him into playing in our usual fashion — all physical and crazy. I promised, but let me tell you, it required amazing patience on my part.

We started the day with a nice long walk along the lake. This was torture because both Monty and I love to swim.? We didn’t get very close to the water and Monty was deeply disturbed by this. So disturbed, he kept looking longingly at the water asking me, “What’s what's up?up, dude?”? I did not engage…that took a lot of patience, too. I mean, mega tons of patience!

In fact, while he looked desperately at the water, I stared off in the distance trying to imagine my happy place only that didn’t work because frankly, my happy place involves Monty, a large body of water, and a chance to run and frolic to my heart’s content.

My heart is not content.

Monty then turned his attention to Gretchen trying to get her to engage in the conversation. “What’s up, G?”

“You’re recovering, Monty. We have to take it easy.”

no arguing“Take it easy? But that’s not what we do?? We (you, me, and Rubin) play. I so look forward to it all week long and now you tell me it’s not going to happen?  What’s with that? That’s like telling a Australian shepard not to herd or a lab not to retrieve or a cat not to sleep.”

“I know, buddy, but if we take care of your leg now, they’ll be more romping in the future. If we don’t, then romping might be out for a very long time.”

“Don’t you know dogs live in the now? Don’t give me that “in the future” line.? That means nothing to me. I want to romp now!”

It went on like this for quite awhile, but eventually we continued on our walk with Monty shaking his curly head in disbelief and I continued to lick nervously! Sorry buddy.

When we got back to the house, I was kept at bay while Gretchen encouraged Monty to relax and take a load off.? Ironically, Monty doesn’t need much encouragement to relax. He’s very good at it and loves to relax in my bed, which looks a bit too small for his manly frame.

relaxingWhile Monty rested, Gretchen and I went next door and fetched up Oshi and Perrito.? We went for another walk, but we also stopped at the tennis courts so I could play some fetch (something I can’t do in front of Monty) and the boys ran themselves silly.

chaseeven Oshi

Oshi was particularly frisky and worked on his dance moves in the middle of the tennis courts while Perrito tried to figure out how to pick up a stick so he could chew it up!

dance movewhat to do?

They even chased each other and then Oshi got tired and just stood around looking handsome.

chasing each otherhandsome

Perrito didn’t tire out, though, and he went silly chasing me around the court and just running for the sake of running. Must be hard to see where you’re going with that lampshade on, though.

chasing Rubinsilly chase

Next up…well, I got to go back and hang with Monty (no playing in the house!) and we both got some lunch (it was actually my breakfast) while Gretchen went to Gerta’s house to take her for a walk.

Gerta is, apparently, always happy to see Gretchen and much more patient than I am.? She waits for Gretchen to put on her leash and waits at the front door before they go out.? I think she must be older!

leashing upfront door waiting

And then they went walking, which is something Gerta really likes!? Almost as much as she likes posing for the camera!

walkingThe many faces of Gerta…



face5This last photo was right before Gerta received a treat. Gretchen continues to teach her some commands like “leave it” and “touch” and “right here.” Gerta does quite well though for some reason when she sees certain people, she has a hard time not wanting to visit them.

And she’s a very strong dog so Gretchen has to use all her weight to get Gerta going in the right direction.

Once Gretchen got home, she took Monty and me out again for another long walk.? It started to rain then, but not too hard and I, once again, engaged my patience — NO ROMPING, NO WRESTLING, NO TACKLING.


Hopefully Monty will get better soon and we can go at it like we always do, but Gretchen tells me not to get my hopes up — he is, she says, getting older and I must not only be patient, but I must be gentler with my best friend.

Until tomorrow,

Patient Rubin

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