April 13, 2009

on the moveWhat’s Cookin?

It’s lunchtime and Gretchen’s making dinner. She does this often when she has to work nights. She eats dinner for lunch and then my other mom, Ann, gets Gretchen’s lunch for dinner. Today’s meal is a creamy mushroom and bacon pasta. There was going to be spinach in it, but she decided against it. Hey, bacon alone sounds like enough of an ingredient.

We got to spend the morning together, though, solely focused on a long walk through one of my favorite parks. I romped while Gretchen sweated. From the lake to the top of the hill is quite a climb with many, many stairs that Gretchen says are good for her butt.

Then she started lunch/dinner preparations with a break to walk the boys next door.  Just then, wouldn’t you know it, sprinkles of rain came down, but luckily not enough to stop our progress through the neighborhood and to the tennis courts. Oshi was particularly frisky today chasing after me with great glee. Perrito followed and showed just as much energy today. I think it’s the wind. Something big is blowing in and we could all feel it in the stiff breezes.

glee festOshi and Perrito are small dogs, but they come with a whole lot of hair. It’s kind of fun in the wind, their locks whipping in the breeze making them look they are really flying, but sometimes it’s hard to know which end is up with them.  I mean, take this photo for instance. What end are we looking at?

only a face...

Any ideas?  Well, I think it’s Oshi’s face, but I can’t be too sure.

And then there’s this shot?


A mop of dog (who happens to be chewing on a pine cone).  It seems only fitting that if I have to go to the groomer every few months that these guys should have to endure the torment of getting beautified.  Don’t ya think?  Well, apparently that’s just what’s going to happen. They have a grooming appointment for Wednesday and we get to pick them up for their Wednesday walk AFTER they’ve been groomed AND trimmed. Now won’t that be exciting!

full hair floppy

Imagine what they’ll look like for just a moment? Sure, no more long flowing hair lifting in the breezes, but I bet they’ll feel lighter…which means…wait, which means they might be able to see me, which means they might be able to catch me????

on the move2

Gretchen just told me not to worry, they’ll still have short legs. Whew!

The only inkling of what they might look like comes from the other neighbor dogs who are the same breed, but always groomed. Their names are Beethoven and Blackie. I bet you can who’s who!


Whatever Oshi and Perrito look like, you’ll be the first to know!  We’ll come with camera and leashes to escort the boys home after their baths and haircuts!  In the meantime, I just got some bacon in my dish and Gretchen is sitting down to her lunch.  Smells yummy.

Until tomorrow,


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