March 23, 2009

Blowin’ In the Wind

She's a nutcase, I tell ya!
She's a nutcase, I tell ya!

We listen to a lot of folk music around our house and so I’m quite well-versed in classics like “Farewell, Angelina,” “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” “If I Were a Carpenter,” and then of course, Bob Dylan (among others) singing “Blowin’ in the Wind.”  This probably wasn’t the soundtrack I would have chosen for my life, but the more I listen, the more I gain perspective on life and the more I gain perspective on the enigma I call Gretchen.

She is a goofball and rarely does she allow me a chance to show off her goofy side, but today she handed me the camera for a moment and these were the photos I snapped as quickly as I could. (Photography is NOT as easy as it looks!)

Our first clients of the day were Oshi and Perrito. While Perrito raced around after me while I raced around after my ball, Oshi snuggled close to Gretchen.  It is cold out there and as we know from previous posts, Oshi is not a foul weather dog.  He likes it warm and dry and preferrably close to home so today, in the frigid wind they call Spring, he got as close to Gretchen as he could.

Romeo aka Perrito
Romeo aka Perrito

Perrito eventually got into the act, but he’s not much for being held and when he allows himself to snuggle, he gets all kissy.  Gretchen had to move away from his wet, slobbery tongue any number of times. I was just lucky enough to catch the photo!

But we didn’t sit around all day snapping pictures. No, we played.  Well, Perrito and I played.  That Perrito, he’s so small and gets underneath me all the time. I do my best to avoid him, but as you can tell, he’s quick and comes at me like a furry torpedo.

I’m pretty agile though and avoid slamming into him, though he slams into me often!


running with the big dogs

run 4 ur life

Oshi? Yeah, he’s pretty mellow and only occasionally gets into the chase. Can you see him?

Mostly, though, he just stands around and watches.



Of course, Perrito can get easily distracted.  He’s kind of a funny one that Perrito.  On our walks he picks up things off the ground — leaves, wrappers, and orange peels. The orange peels are a regular occurrence because our path is right past a school and someone must eat an orange on their way there. We find the peelings all the time and Perrito is like a magnet to those peels. He doesn’t eat them, he just carries them around as proud as proud can be.

Today’s “pick up” was a pine cone.  He amused himself for quite a time playing with that thing. I know. The photo looks like Pine Cone Still Life with Fur, but you get the idea.

pine cone


Our next adventure was with Ollie.  We went for a walk first and then headed to the small field by the tunnel to play chase and fetch.  Ollie’s getting the hang of fetch, but mostly he likes to chase me and then steal my ball.

can I have it?

Okay, I’ll admit it…I sometimes tease him with my ball, but he doesn’t seem to mind and trust me, that little guy can defend himself!

tackle dodgechase

Ollie is a really attentive boy, though. Not just with me, but with Gretchen as well. When he’s done tackling, dodging, and chasing me, he always returns to her side for some love.  On his way back to her side, he practices his art of levitation. Pretty astounding!

levitation levitation2

Gretchen even got another of those jumping photos only the light was kind of bad. Still, it’s pretty impressive how much that boy can catch some air!

fly high

By the end of our hour together, Ollie successfully stole my ball and slobbered it up but good.

slobber ball That’s okay.  If I miss him tonight I can always go and smell the ball he played with today.

Despite the first day of spring coming and going, the wind was chilly and strong.

“How many balls must a dog chase down before you can call him a dog?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.”

Til Tomorrow,


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