March 11, 2009

with a face like thatA Day With Friends Both Canine and Human

It was cold today, but still bright and beautiful. A perfect day for a walk.  And walk we did.

We started the day with Monty, but on our way we met up with Quillette and her mom, Jessica.  While we had a great walk and a rowdy romp through the park, Gretchen didn’t take any pictures. She waited until the light was just right!

Jessica and Quillette came over to our house and all of us hung out while Gretchen and Jessica worked on something on the computer. Not sure what that was all about, but I did my best to irritate and annoy them.  At noon, we headed next door to pick up the boys — Oshi and Perrito — and as a mombonus their mom, Sequoya, decided to go with us. She’s still recovering from the extraction of her wisdom teeth and we were glad to have her spend some time in the sunshine.

Of course, this meant that Oshi was hesitant to leave his mom’s side.  While he chased around a bit, he mostly hung out with Sequoya. Eventually, just about all of us decided to join in, lounging around the tennis courts after playing some fetch, chasing each other, and playing keep away.

the gang hangin

come here!

Of course, it didn’t take long for us to cool off and race around a bit more…

The more we played, the hotter we got and eventually Perrito, who has more energy than all of us combined, found a pine cone, laid himself down, and gnawed away at it.  yum

That was a sign that maybe it was time to head home…oh, and the fact that Gretchen had to go to her other job.

When we got home, Monty and I hung out and barked at the mail carrier, passersby, and random ghosts and shadows that often haunt me. Okay, I’ll confess. I barked. Monty just looked alert.

When Gretchen came home, you know what we did? We met up with Quillette and Jessica again and this time headed up to the scary grate park. Jeez!  How much stress can a guy take?  For this next photo, we had to sit really still and remember, I’m sitting on a grate!  You can’t see it, but I’m shaking in this photo! Good thing I was surrounded by my best friends!

grate photo

After the picture, we met Jake.  hello jake!Jake was a baby in a stroller and he obviously LOVED dogs.  Monty, always the first to greet anyone we meet LOVES kids, so they got cozy on the grate, while I looked for a way off that silly thing.

hello there!

Yeah, that’s Monty snuggling up to a giddy Jake.  I was a little less enthusiastic, but Jake didn’t seem to care.

meeting Jake

Once we got back to our house, I had my way with Monty — which means I punched him over and over again with my nose to get him to play with me.  Eventually he relented and we played like wild men!

wild men dancing waiting

pounceWe get pretty rowdy, it’s true, but then, as you can see from the last picture, Monty waits for me to race around the yard. He knows how to conserve his energy that guy. But don’t worry, once it’s conserved he’s all over me!

Yeah, it’s been a busy day, but it’s been really really fun. I like hanging with the canines and the humans and I really like hanging with them on a beautiful sunny day!

See you all tomorrow!


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