Quick Update: Max had a thyroid test. His results confirm that he is hypothyroid. We are all surprised that with his multitude of tests no one had given him a thyroid test before, but there you have it.

Of course, the real “test” comes over the next few weeks and months. Hypothyroidism can result in many of the ailments that inflicted/inflict Max — muscle atrophy and weakness, skin infections, lack of appetite, etc — but if his thyroid levels balance out and return to normal, can all of the ailments be reversed?

In other words, can he regain nerve function and in turn, develop his severely atrophied muscles? Will he learn to rewire his muscles and brain so he can walk fully upright and easily? Will his cardiovascular system get stronger?

Yes, he is eating like a horse, his spirits are good, and he is in the loving care of Suzanne (his long-term foster mom) and all her helpers and supporters. But…

There are still many unanswered questions. Still Max is making progress — albeit slow — and we are very pleased that he’s willing to fight.

More news to come in the coming weeks. For now, Three Cheers for Max!


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  1. No outcome yet…he has been moved to a long-term care facility on Vashon. I’m going to try to find out more and get a clearer update soon. Thanks for your concern.

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