November 9, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I know I am a very blessed dog. I have two moms who adore me, a larger family who thinks I’m pretty special, some amazing friends that I pretty much get to see every week, lots and lots of thrilling adventures, a care team made up of some of the best professionals in the business, and the finest of food and treats any dog good have. This week I was thinking about all those wonderful parts of my life and how each part comes together to provide me one of the most wonderful lives a dog could have. So I decided I should share my goodness with you by detailing a few of my favorite things.

My friends, which includes my job (an assistant dog walker).  You pretty much know them because you see me on these blog pages with them all the time, but I don’t want to leave them off my list so I decided to put them first. Click on any photo below and see my pals!

Dr. Geisler and the staff at Mercy Vet — They are all very nice to me and every time I get an adjustment (or even the acupuncture needles) I feel so much better. Love them all! (photo courtesy of Mercy Vet!)


Cindy at Aqua Dog Spa. Okay yes, I bark at her whenever I get to go there for swimming, but she just laughs at me. While I adore Cindy, what I really really like is her pool and that she lets my mom swim me there. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE swimming and massage. G works there and while I’m not happy about it, she swims other dogs too. Here she is with Kit, a young Golden Retriever with a strained shoulder (thanks to Kit’s mom for the photo!)


I also get to swim, on occasion, at Splash Dog and I like it there a lot too. Thank you J Linn and Leigh Anne for letting me splash around in your big pool!

The Natural Pet Pantry is where G gets my food and everyone there is spectacularly wonderful. They love when I come to visit and they make the best food in town. No one can compare and I know their attention to detail has made me a healthier — thank you Randi, Janet, Rolf, Jay, Mary and all the rest of you!


Bison Bites by Boulder Dog Food Company. We send away for these treats and they are my most favorite of all time (though I really like the treats from Natural Pet Pantry too!).

Fido and Scratch is our local Pet Store and we buy toys and leashes and poop bags there. They are very very nice and offer me treats every time I come through the door.

Seward Park is one of my favorite walking places especially up through the trails. I hesitate putting it on the list because I want to keep it a secret from everyone else, but I suppose that wouldn’t be fair.

seward park with Roux

Lake Washington is a big lake, but there’s a part of it just by our house (about 15 minutes away) that’s very special to me. I don’t know why, but when we get to walk down by the lake, all the way to the boathouse, I am very content for the rest of the day.

laketime DCIM100MEDIA

Doris and Stephen’s house (including Doris and Stephen). I like going to their house because there’s always a lot going on and they have a pool that they allow dogs, like me, to swim in.


Massage, of course, and acupressure too! And thanks to Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute for training G!


I think that’s it…for now anyway. I’m sure there are a lot more things for me to like…including people and dogs…but for now, this is just a sample!

Hope you have time to visit some of my favorite places and meet my favorite dogs!

Until next time!


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