August 9, 2013

Moon Breath

Have you ever noticed that the moon breathes? A deep breath in and the moon fills the sky — white and round, full-bellied and expansive. Slow exhale and the curve of the moon smiles into a relaxed palssliver of light. In and out, in and out each breath marks a day followed by a night followed by a week followed by a month until you wake up early in the morning, when the moon sits on one horizon and the sun sits on the other and you think to yourself, “This is my life.”

Perhaps because I’m older, perhaps because life is very busy and I’m feeling the need to slow down, perhaps because the skies have been clear at night…perhaps perhaps perhaps…whatever the reason, I’ve been taking note of the inhalations and exhalations of the cosmos. A lot happens in one breath. chiefwoobieOur lives have been as full of the moon what with our regular daily work of walking dogs and the exceptional number of dogs who’ve needed a place to stay while their owners are vacationing. Gretchen’s been working hard at the two pools where she sees swimming and massage clients and Momma Ann is finishing up her last few weeks of schooling, preparing for her HUGE Horticulture exam.

In addition, our friend Jessica has been staying with us too and while some might see this as a problem (more boarders), I am delighted because Auntiegang Jessica is one of my favorite people in the world. She’s staying in the guest room and I’ve felt it’s my obligation to make her feel at home and sleep with her in there too. She doesn’t seem to mind and with all these boarders at our house, it means that I get my own special place to sleep with Gretchen and Momma Ann figure out sleeping arrangements in their room.

Meanwhile, Lulu has been staying with us while her Mom is away for a few days, and Henri and Bella are here even longer as their parents get a much needed vacation to California. Everyone has gotten along famously though we tend to be a barky lot and I know that irritates Gretchen. But I’ve learned to share my bed with Henri, to enjoy my squirrel patrols with Bella, and give my Auntie Lulu kisses on her muzzle. Gretchen’s been working exceptionally hard since the four of us on a walk tend to be a handful. Her solution is to take us out in shifts, which means I don’t get as much walking as I usually do, but that’s okay because I’m getting older, the days are really warm, and I like hanging out under the fan or on the back porch with my friends.

We’ve walked every one who we normally walk…

Rosie and Tyson…


Kali and Carter…


Henri and Bella…














And for a short period, Roxanne and Meeko…


And Lulu…


Gretchen’s feet hurt, but luckily she has a great massage therapist who makes her feel better and my feet have been slightly worn as well, but between Jessica and Gretchen’s massage hands, I’m doing ceremonypretty well. It’s all in a day’s work and each breath in and out makes a passage of my life that is so full that sometimes I feel as round as the moon.

But I suppose the most important (and filling!) event happened this past weekend when my moms got legally married. They’ve been married for 11 years already, but now that Washington State voters have made it “legal” they decided to fill out the paperwork, have a small small ceremony, and make it all official. The “ceremony” was at our friends’ cabin on the Wenatchee River, which is where my moms first decided to commit to each other. It was only fitting then that they’d recommit by the river with our friends in attendance and the river playing the music we all love so much.

withpoppyOf course, being at the cabin wasn’t just all ceremony. I got to play in the river and enjoy the warmth of Eastern Washington as well as hang with our friends and their relatively new dog, Poppy. Everyone was worried about how we’d get along, but once Poppy realized that jumping on me wasn’t an option, we got along just fine.

I realized this weekend…or maybe “realized” is the wrong word…I was reminded this weekend of how blessed my life really is what with good friends, theriverdog best of food, lots of great adventures and meaningful work that involves my best friends and lots of interesting moments each and every day. Sure there are times when I get grumpy. Don’t think that having more dogs in your house is always a good thing. I’ve had to learn to share. I’ve had to learn to tolerate other dogs being top dog or getting more love and affection than I do at any given moment, but all and all it’s a good life. As Gretchen keeps reminding me, my moms could work 10 hours a day outside the house and I would only be given one short walk a day.

moreswimmingAs it is, though, I’m outside more than I’m in. I get to explore urban and not so urban trails either alone or with a bevy of furry friends. On occasion I get to take nice trip to our friends’ cabin or my Uncle Paul’s house or get on a ferry boat and see my grandparents. I get to swim in pools both inside and out, I get massaged on a regular basis, and as Gretchen’s practice dog, I get regular acupressure treatments — all of which make me feel exceptionally wonderful.

Each day is a breath in and each night is a breath out. While the New Moon just passed, I can see a very thin sliver of the Quarter Moon breathing in and filling her belly again. Next week will be as busy as this week, but I think busy is better than bored and full is better than empty. Of course, even when the moon isn’t there, it really is there. In fact, last night when I dosed off to sleep, snuggling into the curled legs of my Auntie Jessica, I squinted at the night sky and what do you know — not only could I see the new sliver of the moon, but if I tried really hard, I could see the moon entire — a round, gray belly just waiting to be revealed.

Hope you all get to watch that slow breath in and can take stock in the wonders of your breathing life.

Have a good weekend,



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  1. Hey, Rube, They sell “No Vacancy” signs at our hardware store. Let me know if I should buy one for you. Your friends are lucky, though, to have such a happy place to hang out. Love from G & G

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