November 9, 2012


What are you doing, Rubin?

Trying to figure out what to write about this week.

Really? So much happened, seems to me there’s a plethora of options.

That’s the problem. So many choices, I’m not sure where to start. And don’t tell me to start at the beginning because I can’t remember what happened first.

That is a dilemma.


That’s it?

That’s what?

That’s all you’re gonna say? No more advice or help or support?

Well, it seemed like you needed to just sit for a minute and figure it out.

Which is what I’ve been doing for the past hour and still I can’t get my brain to connect with my paws. My page is blank.

So you want my advice?


Did you try writing down a list of all that’s happened this week?


Okay, start there and I’ll help.

1. Turned our clocks back

2. Waited on pins and needles for election day

3. Waited on pins and needles for election results

4. You two can finally get married

5. Walked Tyson, Kali, Carter, Monty, Woobie, and Roux

6. Visited the vet

7. Went to the groomer

8. Barked at cats and racoons

9. Met a new dog, Scout

10. Did a whole slew of errands with you

11. Comforted you

Okay, I’d stop now…don’t get listerical…(smile)

Ha ha ha…but it doesn’t seem like I did much now that I listed it out. Why am I so tired?

It seems like a lot to me. Each one of those things took a lot of energy. I’m tired from it all too.

Yeah, but the people who read this blog don’t see the energy behind each one.

I guess it’s your job to explain it then.

Oy. That seems particularly exhausting!

Well, you don’t have to go into great detail…just explain the highlights.

Okay…here it goes:

1. Turned the clocks back: I have to say that this is probably what set off the whole week of exhaustion. I still don’t understand why humans do it. Threw everyone off. Now it’s dark really early and to top it all off, the weather turned cold. Just like that — from 60 degrees one day to 35 degrees the next. My mind and my body feel overwhelmed by it all.

Everyone feels that way, Rubin. You are not alone.

2. Then to add to the weirdness of all that, humans had this election. The tension in the air was palpable. And then, in our neighborhood, when a president was declared, everyone whooped and hollered and that made me very nervous.

Humans have funny rituals. The elections are one of them and they are kind of ridiculous.

I should say so. Except I’m glad you two can get married.

I know. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.


Really. And now everyone is offering advice about our “wedding.”

Yeah, when’s that gonna be and do I really have to wear a tuxedo and carry the rings?

Oh Rubin, don’t worry little man. No tuxes and if we do anything, it will be more of a celebration than an actual wedding ceremony. But yes, you will most likely be there in one way or another. But we haven’t made any dates or decisions. Right now we’re just enjoying the fact that people in this state agree that we should have the same rights. It feels very affirming.

Well, I’m happy to do whatever I need to do to support my moms.

You’re a good dog, Rubes.

3. Waited on pins and needles…guess we’ve already discussed this. I’m just glad it’s over. It was getting kind of negative on Facebook.

Me too, buddy.

4. Getting married…covered this as well. But I have to add one more thing…

What’s that?

I think dogs should be invited to the wedding too. (5. Walked my buddies…)

Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.

And they should have to play certain roles.

Really? I’m interested in your ideas.

Well, if I carry the rings then Paige and Cosmo should carry the flowers – flower girl and boy – they’d be perfect.

Enthusiastic for sure.

And Tyson, well, he should be an usher, I think. He has the dignified presence.

I never thought about ushers for a wedding, but I can see that he would be a good choice for such a role.

And Monty, he needs to be the greeter…you know, meeting people at the door and welcoming them with his big ears and wagging tail.

That’s a good choice. What about Roux?

Easy. She gets to sing.

Oh really. Not sure that would go over very well with the humans, but you’re right, she loves to sing!

Carter and Kali will be in charge of treats…I mean, food. They can serve the appetizers.

Not sure the food would ever make it to the humans, but yes, I can see your point. And Woobie?

She’d be in charge of the children, especially the babies.

She is good at that, you’re right.

Yep, she’d sit at the feet of all the kids and make them feel safe.

And Quillette?

Oh she’ll come, but she doesn’t have to do anything. She can sit with Grandma and Grandpa and when the time comes to sing that very special song, we’ll call on her. Grandpa can play the piano and Grandma can sing with her.


Which I guess leads me to…6. Went to the groomer. I’d have to go again before the wedding, right?

Most likely. At least get a bath.

Okay, but you know I’m only doing it for you two.

Yes, I know.

6. Went to the vet…perhaps I should do this again before the wedding too?


Because Dr. G makes me feel a lot better and I’d want to be perfectly balanced before such a hectic event.

You’re funny.


Well, you kind of have a love/hate relationship with the vet.

I know, but both of you agreed I did really well this week.

You did. I was very surprised and very proud.

I guess I’m growing up.

Yes, I guess. She really does help you, you know?

I know. Those needles just worry me.

But this week you didn’t flinch when she pulled them out of the drawer and you didn’t snarl when she put them in your back and even under your belly.

Well, you’ve been working my acupressure points and I guess I’m getting used to GV 14 and Liv 3.

No one’s gonna know what you’re talking about.

Doesn’t matter. The point is, I’m used to being touched there and so the next step –needles — wasn’t too much of a leap.

Well, I appreciate how good you were at the vet and I know she appreciates it too.

7. Went to the groomer…I was good there, too.

So I heard, but it looks like they irritated your tender skin on your belly again, which is a bit frustrating for me.

Antibiotics again?

I hope not. We’re gonna keep trying the spray and wipes and acupressure.


I know you hate the spray and wipes, but I really don’t want to put you back on the antibiotics…they mess up your tummy.

And I’ve been eating like a horse these days!

I know, it’s impressive!

8. Barked at the cats and racoons…eating well has given me new found energy!

Couldn’t you find a different way to express it? Barking at 5:30 in the morning at the racoons in the bamboo or the cat on the car just doesn’t cut it with the neighbors.

But I can’t believe how brazen they all are. Those racoons are building a home in the bamboo, I tell you and that black cat! He’s the bane of my existence these days.

Live and let live, I say.

That’s easy for you to say. Their scent doesn’t drive you wild.

No, you’re right, but I’d appreciate a bit quieter response from you.

I’ll try…no promises, but I’ll try.

9. Met Scout…my doppelganger…is that what you call him?


What does that mean?

That you two look a lot alike.

Too bad you didn’t take any photographs so I could see the resemblance.

I will…he’s going to stay with us for a few days.

I was looking at the schedule…we have a full house coming this week!

Yep…starting tomorrow until the middle of November…a very full house.

No one else gets to sleep on the human bed, right?

Nope, just you.


You’re welcome.

10. Errands — I don’t even want to explain…the list would take days.

It would, but I appreciated your help this week.

I do what I can. I do love going to Seattle’s Natural Pet Pantry to pick up my food!

I know you do. And I got you more chicken necks!

Thank Dog!

11. Comforted you.

Sigh. Yep, it’s been a hard week.

I guess when you decided to be a massage and swim therapist you didn’t realize that you’d have to deal with a lot of dogs crossing the rainbow bridge.

I knew it would happen, but they always come in clumps and one after the other feels heavy.

You want to talk about it?

Not really. It’s enough to say that 5 dogs passing in two week’s time kind of says it all.

I hate it when you get those emails telling you about the cancer or the dementia or the unexpected passings.

I hate it too, but I find solace in knowing we helped with their quality of life.

You grow kind of attached, don’t you?

Yes, we all do. It’s part of the work. They become part of our extended family and so yes, we all mourn when they pass over. Thanks for being there, buddy. You help.

I do?

Yep, you are a very sensitive doodle and I appreciate your support and comforting wags and wiggles.

Works better than words.

Yes it does.

Hey, look at that!


I’ve written my blog for the week. Thanks!

You bet, you silly boy.

One more thing.

What’s that?

I love you!

Oh little man, I love you THIS MUCH!

Blush! Wiggle! Wag! Blush!

Have a great weekend everyone! Ditto!

Rubin and Gretchen




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