October 12, 2012

Autumnal Roughage

Usually by this time of year we’ve gotten wet. The rains hit in late September and then, with the exception of a few nice, blue-sky-kind-of-days, there’s more rain and gray clouds than not.

But this year has not been typical. I’m not sure where we are on the count of rainless days, but I know it’s close to 80. For those who live in Los Angeles or Phoenix, this may not seem unique, but for us (Seattlites) it’s pretty amazing.

Of course, it’s all about to change and started it’s change mid-week with fog and cloud cover and then today (Friday), rain. Not a lot of rain, but rain nonetheless and as we look at next week’s forecast, it is the beginning of the RAINS…the kind of rain we normally see much earlier in the autumn.

Not having rain for so long has had some interesting effects around here. We’ve had to water the garden more. The cars have been to the car wash more because they are covered with maple tree sticky sap that has been particularly sappy and sticky of late (due to no rain). The leaves on the trees are magnificent in color and they have stayed on the trees for a lot longer than normal…usually the rain (and subsequent wind) rip them from the trees before we get to fully appreciate them.

And speaking of leaves — or what I like to call Autumnal Roughage — they are everywhere. They’re in the house, in the car, and most irritatingly, stuck on my curls. I’m constantly ripping dried leaves from my tail and hocks, shaking bits of broken leaves from my back and head (because I like to roll in them), and I swear I’ve seen the vacuum cleaner more at our house these past few weeks than I’ve ever seen (or heard) it before.

But once the rain came, those leaves changed in texture — becoming soggy, slippery devils plastered to the sidewalk and piled up under trees that are growing more and more naked by the day. And now, in addition to the vacuum cleaner, there’s a towel by the door to wipe our feet and a mop close at hand to wipe away our smudges.

Because of my skin allergies, I get a bath every weekend. I hate it, but I endure. Of course, I retaliate by rolling around in mud as soon as I can find it. During the long summer that we had, there wasn’t much mud to roll around in, but now that we’ve had rain – Hallelujah! – mud galore (much to Gretchen’s chagrin!)

And all the sudden, the grass has gone from brown to green. Just like that. Emerald green is everywhere.

And though everyone thinks all it does here in Seattle is rain, even the rain takes a break and gives us all sorts of blue skies and beauty.

Still, it’s Autumn in the Emerald City and despite the waning light and the cooler temperatures and the heavy clouds, I really like this time of year. Everything feels cleaner in some ways…and slower, too. Okay, not that much slower…we’ve been busy busy busy…but slower in this kind of internal way. I find myself napping more. While I still play hard, I’m really ready to relax when I get home.

And boy, can I eat! This is new for me. I’m kind of picky and nibble at my food in a very delicate fashion. But lately, I’ve been wolfing it down. I’ve impressed my moms and my friends. Heck, I’ve even impressed myself.

Not sure what it is about Autumn that makes me want to sleep and eat, but it does.

My friends feel the same and while I could describe this past week with words, I think the photos do it best. So here’s the week in Autumnal Photographs! Enjoy….Rubin

Not all the world has turned to Autumn colors, but the hits are unmistakeable!


And when they turn, they turn quickly and beautifully!
Of course, there are whole swaths of green still and yes, green still makes me happy!


Paige prepares for rain.
No mud to roll around in at this point, but despite the blue skies, I know it’s coming. Besides it feels good to roll around no matter where I am!
When Woobie and I get up from lying in the leaves, we’re covered in the roughage. Velcro Dogs!
While Carter and Kali aren’t big into swimming, they still enjoy the Autumn view of the lake.
And though I want to nap, I still have those frisky moments…especially when Paige comes over to play!
Quillette and I are always hungry for treats in Autumn too. Well, we’re always hungry for treats no matter what time of year!
Gretchen really should have wiped his nose before this photo, but what can you do.
So glad Paige likes wearing the hat because I would not!
Nothing like a big open field, a ball, a friend, and Autumn!
Signs of Autumn are everywhere…Carter checks it out.
Autumn? Who cares! Let’s run!

And finally…what we all like to do when the sun goes down after a long, playful day…

Tyson knows how to take a nap…right on Gretchen’s pillow!

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