August 24, 2012

Full House

When my moms decided to remodel our house (before me), the architect asked them where they wanted to invest their money. They unanimously said “kitchen” and so most of their money went into building a really nice, big kitchen. I’m not sure who said it, but someone famous once said something like this: You invite people into your house, but you invite your friends into your kitchen.

Well, let me tell you, we’ve invited a lot of friends into our kitchen his week. And yes, there were equal numbers of dogs as people.

I loved them all, but I must admit, by the end of the week, I was ready for some alone time.

The high point was last Sunday and Monday when our 2 bedroom/2 bathroom house had a total of 6 people and 3 dogs living in it. The people were, of course, our French relatives who had just returned from an Alaskan Cruise for one more night before they headed back to France on Monday.

The dogs were me (obviously) and Griffey (our 15 year old planned boarder) and then Woobie (the unplanned boarder). Woobie’s family called and said, “Our water broke! Can you take Woobie?”

Yes, Woobie’s family is having (has had) their first baby and while the water broke on Sunday and the baby didn’t emerge until Tuesday and Woobie didn’t go home until Thursday…well, you can see why our house got a little more crowded than usual.

But we were happy to help out as Woobie and her family are exceptional and they’re going to be absolutely great parents to their little boy. And Woobie is going to be one exceptionally fantastic canine nanny (ca-nanny?) to West (that’s the boy’s name.)

So Monday and Tuesday were a bit crowded, but once the French went back to France, it was just 2 humans (my moms) and 3 dogs. Not a bad combination (we all got along quite well), but then, of course, we had all our dog walking clients to walk as well.

Luckily all of our clients get along with each other (those who have met) and so Tyson wasn’t the least bit upset to walk with Woobie (nor was Roux) and Griffey didn’t mind all the hub-bub with Monty and Roux. But let me tell you, we looked a sight walking the pack through the neighborhood and we got lots and lots of comments.

Gretchen even got a chance to massage Otis again!

Can you say busy? I sure can. As I said, at the end of the week, I was ready for some peace and quiet…wedged on the couch between my moms watching a movie or just snuggling, but when Woobie went home and then Griffey, I was surprised to learn that our work was not done.

Gretchen had another boarder and this time, she had to stay at their house.

Now you’re probably saying to yourselves, “One more boarder? That’s not bad Rubin. You can handle it!”

Which, in normal circumstances, I most certainly could, but this boarder wasn’t a 15 year old senior citizen or even a well-mannered Bearded Collie mix. Nope, this boarder was Cosmo — a 16 week old Doberman puppy with as much energy to burn as…well, as a 16 week old puppy!

Cosmo is Paige’s little brother and while Paige is off learning to be a better working dog than she already is, Gretchen is taking care of Cosmo…which means, so am I.

I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t that interested in puppy sitting. Sure they smell cute and the way they move — with every body part going every which way but forward — is adorable, but puppies lack manners and I, for one, am a dog who appreciates good manners. But then Gretchen told me that when I was Cosmo’s age, I was a real stinker. I climbed all over Monty and my friend, Lulu and not until Monty schooled me did I realize the importance of good manners.

So, that said, I had to swear I’d be on absolutely my best behavior when Cosmo stopped by for a visit or we visited Cosmo at his house. I raised my right paw and took the oath, but under my breath I was still skeptical.

But then guess what? Yep! Cosmo and I got along fabulously and that little whipper-snapper turns out is a real gentleman. Sure, he punches me with his nose from time to time and occasionally doesn’t hear me say “stop” but 95% of the time, that little guy is a charmer and a wonderful playmate for me. And I know…he’s not really a little guy, either. He’s about my height and I bet he weighs about the same as me, too. It’s a good thing we get along now because in a few months, Cosmo is going to be HUGE and I’m going to have to watch out when he body slams me!

While the week started out with a very busy household and didn’t end up the way I had hoped (remember that picture of me and my moms on the couch “alone?”), it turned out to be a really great week. I got to see my French relatives again, I got to share my house with canines and humans in need of a place to sleep, and I got to make a new puppy friend. And of course, all the while, walk our clients. Not a bad life.

Very very full, but not a bad life at all!

Until next week,



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