June 1, 2012

It’s Not All About Me

Recently, someone accused me of narcissism. I had to look the word up not only for a definition, but also how to spell it.  The definition read: “…unhealthy self-absorption due to a disturbance in the sense of self.”


Not sure how I feel about this, but then I went back and started reading my blog. After 4 years of writing, I guess I have written a lot about myself, but does that make me disturbed? Well, instead of licking my wounded ego, I decided that this week, it’s not going to be all about me. It’s gonna be about other stuff…I just need to figure out what that other stuff is gonna be.

Give me second, okay?

Hey Rubin?

Yes, Gretchen.

Maybe we could focus on the dogs we walk and the things we see that are interesting.

Okay, but isn’t that still self-centered — to share stuff that I find interesting?

I suppose, but it’s about other stuff and not just about you.

Give me an example.

Alright. The clouds, for instance. We see all sorts of cool clouds and we always stop to look at them.

And see what images we see in them.

Yep, like the duck and dog clouds this week.

Okay, but that’s only one thing and I usually write about lots of stuff in the weekly blog, though apparently it’s all about me.

Well, it’s about what you think, it’s not necessarily all about you. You write about your friends and your adventures.

I guess that’s what I don’t get. How can any of us NOT be narcissistic? Even if I write about music or flowers or politics they are my thoughts and my perspective. Isn’t that narcissistic, too?

You’re over thinking it, Rubin. Let’s just stick to writing about and sharing photographs about the fascinating things we see every day.

Okay and if I don’t put any photos of me on the page, then maybe I won’t be considered self-absorbed.

Sounds like a plan.

Okay then…let’s see. Yes, clouds but I think the more interesting patterns are on Monty’s back!

He’s a walking storybook in many ways. What do you see?

And then there are the flowers and the dizzying circle of life.

When we walked down by the lake the other day, we found all this soft, cottony stuff on the ground. “Looks like my hair when I get groomed!” I noticed (but I shouldn’t write about that, since it’s a reference to me).

Still, it was cool stuff.

Then there are the things we see that make us think…like what people put in their yards…

…signs on the street…and in gardens…

Not one of my favorite signs, though.

Why is that?

Because people in our neighborhood drive fast and badly. This sign means nothing to them.

And some signs I can’t read at all!

True…I couldn’t either!

And then there are the things that surprise me…like the face on the toy…

…and fact that dogs wander around without any person or leash…

…that Roux always smiles…

…how Tyson is always so serious and concerned even though he LOVES to go out with us…

…that Monty looks funny when he sneezes…

…that Olive (who we ran into at the garden) needs a lot of enticing to look at the camera…

…how strong Olive’s mom’s hands are as she weeded her lettuce…

…heck, her garden was beautiful in and of itself!


…that Woobie, who ALWAYS wants to visit the neighborhood pet store (Fido and Scratch) never wants any of the treats they offer us…

…whereas Paige will do all sorts of funny things to get a treat…

…it’s truly exhausting how many other things there are to pay attention to when I’m not paying attention to myself!

Do you still think you’re narcissistic?

Well, I think I could focus on other stuff besides myself…though that means you’ll need to point your camera in other directions, too you know!

But I love taking photos of you!

Oy…some things may never change!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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