May 4, 2012

Houses Divided

This year we decided to add some pet sitting services to our already busy schedule. I’m not complaining. It’s fun to have dogs at our house and to stay at other people’s houses. I mean, I get to test out new couches (if they let me), nibble on their treats (if they share), and spend time with my friends.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. First, sometimes I stay at my house with Momma Ann because she has to get up early in the morning and head off to school to teach. Sleeping in someone else’s bed is harder on her than it is on me. So she isn’t lonely, I stay at home with her.

Next, much of what we need must be carried over from one house to the next. It’s not too much work for me…my food, my supplements, and my favorite toys…but for Gretchen it’s a lot more work. Her food isn’t as simple as mine nor are her supplements, and though she doesn’t have any toys she has things that weigh a lot more than my stuff. Like her computer, her acupressure books (she’s still studying), her shoes (those for walking, those for hanging out), and all sorts of stuff that is usually at her fingertips at home, but not when she’s staying somewhere else.

Currently, we’re pet sitting Tyson and we’re having a great time. Tyson doesn’t live far away so if Gretchen forgets something at our house, she can pick it up pretty easily. I’ve stayed there a couple of nights, but mostly I’ve just hung out during the day time. Occasionally Tyson and I bump elbows, but all in all, we’re getting along famously.

This is important for Tyson because he struggles a bit with separation anxiety and he’s just lost his best pal and sister, Rosie. Being at Tyson’s house has given us a lot of time to¬†reminisce about our good friend, Rosie. There isn’t a day goes by that Tyson and I (and Gretchen too) don’t think about Rosie. We miss her very much, but remembering all of our good times has helped with our sadness.

I’ve even invited some friends over to help Tyson with his loneliness. First came Monty and he made himself right at home.

We had a nice walk together and then we rested at Tyson’s house. He shared not only his toys with us, he also shared his many luxurious resting spots.

It was a great way to spend an afternoon!

Then we walked to Woobie’s house and went on a very long walk. Tyson really liked her, but Woobie was a little uncertain. She clung close to me and I did my best to reassure her.

While the weather hasn’t been stunning, some of the foliage has and there’s nothing like a pretty flower to lift your spirits.

Monty came back on Friday and Tyson was truly happy to see him especially since we went for a long long walk down by the lake.

Tyson also really likes Ann and some days we hung out at our house where Tyson and Ann snuggled together and when Gretchen went off to work at the pool, Ann and I hung out with Tyson at his house.

But I can’t forget Roux! We saw her this week too and while she didn’t get to met Tyson (he goes off with his other dog walker to the off-leash park so he’s not around in the middle of the day), we got to go on a great walk in the sunshine. One day she may meet Tyson and I bet they’d both be happy about the new friendship!

I know everyone thinks my life is all fun and games, but living in two houses isn’t always easy. I’m learning to relax at Tyson’s more but sometimes it’s hard. He lives in a town home and there are strange noises all around us. Of course, when Tyson comes to our house he gets worried about the squirrels that run along our fence line and the kids who attend the preschool behind our house.

But as the days past, we’re getting more and more comfortable with the new routine. While both Tyson and I were closer to Rosie than we are to each other, we’re beginning to realize that Rosie loved each of us for a reason and we’re also realizing that those reasons are the foundation of a really good friendship.

So while our houses are divided…or at least our time is divided between two houses … there’s a good feeling of coming together.

Have a great weekend,


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