January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Another year has passed. I can’t believe it. Just like that, it’s January of a brand New Year! Wow.

As Gretchen and I finished up last week (aka 2011) we sat down for a moment to reflect upon the previous year (last blog) and look ahead to some big changes in 2012.

Big changes!

I’m pleased to announce that Wags n’ Words is expanding its operations this year. Not only will we continue to walk dogs as we have for the past three years, but we’re moving into Pet Sitting as well. In addition, Gretchen’s going to take her massage skills on the road (so to speak) and while she’ll continue to work (and love every minute of it) at Wellsprings K9, she’s also setting up shop to come to your house (well, if you live in the area) to massage your dog.

And if you have the need, she can do all three at once — walk your dog, massage your dog, and stay at your house to take care of your dog (and perhaps other animals) while you’re away!

Okay, I have to admit I’m exhausted thinking about it all, but Gretchen assures me she can handle it.

So, if you have any interest in any of these services check out our new Rates and Services page for all the de-tails! Of course, we can only pet sit at one house at a time so get your bid in early!

In addition, to the left of this blog you’ll find a calendar. We’ll post times we have available and times we are booked. If you see a date with an underline, it means we’re booked (looks like this: 13). But if it’s not underlined, then we probably have an opening. Give us a call or send an email to make certain. I have a feeling we’re gonna book up fast!

I’m kind of excited about the new changes because it means that I’ll get to meet new dogs, new people, and benefit from all the massage experience Gretchen will be getting. I mean, she’s good at what she does, but I bet the more dogs she works with, the more I’ll benefit. Don’t ya think?

2011 ended with a pack (as opposed to a bang). We took care of Monty over the holidays and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, our good friend Quillette showed up to bring in the New Year with us. Monty’s Mom is in Hawaii — the land of light and warmth — and Quillette’s Mom went the opposite direction to Berlin, Germany — the land of dark and wet (at least, that’s how she describes it though she’s having a great time spending the holidays with her brother, his partner and their year-old baby, Henry.)

Anyway, New Year’s Eve and Day were spent with my two friends — Monty and Q — and it felt kind of like the best way to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012. Well, here’s what Quillette thought about it all…she was relaxing as Gretchen gave her a much needed massage!

We also got to spend New Year’s Day with our extended “logicals” as we call them (as opposed to biologicals — biological family versus friends who are as close as family…our logicals).

Of course, we worked as well, though our only clients this week were Rosie and Tyson. But that turned out great because Tyson’s other dog walker was on vacation so Monty, Rosie, Tyson, and I all got hang out on our walks. We unfortunately couldn’t include Q once she arrived because she and Rosie have a girl-dog thing and it wouldn’t have been pretty, but still, each of them — Rosie and Q — got hang with their boys! And it’s all good when Gretchen has treats!

And I did my duty and took Rosie and Tyson out by themselves, too!

And I got a surprise walk with my friend, Olive…

And if that wasn’t enough for the week, turns out we might have a foster dog living with us in January. More about that later, though…

Yep, 2011 well is coming to a good end and 2012 looks like it’s gonna be a brand new adventure. My tail is wagging in anticipation! Happy New Year everyone!


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