October 16, 2011


This week has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I think it has to do with the weather, but it’s really hard to pinpoint. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to walking certain dogs at certain times and this week’s schedule has been odd, to say the least. Maybe it’s because our bathroom remodel is stuck and moving a bit slower of late, which means people keep going in and out of our house — always a bit disturbing. Maybe it’s because Ann stayed home sick from school  one day — a bug she can’t shake — and Gretchen has been taking all sorts of homeopathic remedies to ward off getting the bug so I’ve been spending more time as a nurse than as a dog dog walker. Or maybe it’s because I ended up in the ER — something I didn’t expect in any way, shape, or form.

Whatever it is, I’ve been thrown a bit sideways and all around me I keep noticing the sideways-ness of the week.

I’ll start with the schedule. Usually we walk Rosie and Tyson every day of the week — well, Rosie every day and with Tyson on Mondays and Fridays. Last week we walked them two times a day from Saturday to Saturday and that, I think, was the beginning of feeling a bit off kilter. Now this week rolls around and no Rosie or Tyson walks.




Every time we walked out the door, I thought we were going to head to their house, but then we veered off and headed in another direction. I have to admit, I kind of miss them.

So on Monday instead of walking to their house, we headed out on a nice, long walk by the lake. Now, I’m not complaining — I LOVE walking down by the lake — but the weather was moody, to say the least, and we got really wet (and not just from the lake either…yes, I went swimming because while it was rainy it was also freakishly warm). And when we got home, guess who was fast asleep back on the couch? Yep, Ann.

So I played nurse and snuggled as close to her as her sniffling nose would allow, though I made her move to the human bed because frankly, it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable for everyone!

If I thought Monday’s weather was out of sorts, Tuesday’s was seriously askew. First, the wind gusted through the day like a bulldozer in combat boots. The trees bent sideways, the rain (when it came) fell sideways, the leaves from the changing trees flew sideways, my curls bent sideways, and the clouds raced sideways across the erratically blue skies. Yep, blue skies. Then eerie black gray skies followed the rain followed by yet another round of blue skies. I watched Gretchen put her raincoat on and take her raincoat off multiple times and crossed my paws repeatedly that I wouldn’t have to put my raincoat on. That would have really bent me sideways.

Again, no Rosie and Tyson, but we did get to see (and play with) Roux — and luckily for us, no rain. Wind? Definitely, which I suppose is what pushed the rain sideways to the east giving us just enough break in the weather to play and romp at the little field. Then Gretchen and I headed to the pool and I hung out in the office listening to the downpours rattle the metal roof in weird fits and starts.

Sideways is hard to photograph. Sure, sometimes Gretchen can capture our ears moving sideways, but it’s hard to get photos of the trees wiggling in the wind. We could have taken photographs of the whitecaps on the lake, but the rain was so wicked Gretchen didn’t want to pull her camera out of her backpack.

Monty, who we saw on Wednesday and Friday, loves the wet and windy weather. He goes nutty with the sound of car tires on a wet pavement. Gretchen goes nutty trying to make him stop as it pulls her shoulder out of its socket…or this is how she says it feels. And walking Roux and Monty together is always a struggle as they both like to be out front watching sideways for squirrels, stray cats, and the possibility of meeting another dog.

Speaking of Roux, she’s always moving sideways. When we stop to take photographs we have two options: Let her off-leash and photograph her running around (as we did on Tuesday)…

…or putting her leash under Monty’s bottom so she can’t go anywhere. She protests the tie down, but at least we get some interesting photos.

And speaking of Monty — we played a bit in the backyard, something we don’t do too much anymore, but Gretchen let us have a 5 minute romp that became all the more interesting when I found a newly planted tree in our backyard! I used it to my advantage though my paws got kind of muddy from all the fresh dirt piled up around it. It’s a Katsura tree and while I gave the name a sideways look (“CAT” sura…why not “DOG” sura?), it will be good to have a pretty tree in our backyard again! And she did capture Monty’s ears going sideways as he chased me!

Thursday was a great day and threw me sideways because there was no weirdness in the pattern of a weird week. Nope, we got to spend some quality time together and that made me smile (though because of the odd structure of my mouth, I smile kind of sideways!). No one needed to be walked and no outside demands (except another afternoon/evening at the pool). And what a great hike we had in the morning — with the early light sideways through the trees — it made me glow!

But just as everything was all hunky dory, we got home, we ate dinner, and then I felt really, really sick. Dare I admit it, I threw up about 3 times and my tummy got really big. Gretchen tried to massage me, but it hurt and I moaned and groaned and my moms called the ER. We are well aware that Gastric Torsion is the second leading cause of death among dogs and we’ve lost a number of friends to it (Monty amazingly survived it!) so they put me in the car and we raced to the night-time vet office. Gretchen massaged me the whole way there and I must admit, when the first belch came, I felt a lot better.

Once at the ER, I belched again and the vet was pleased. No x-rays needed just a Pepcid AC to keep the acid from damaging my tummy and lots of rest. I threw up 2 more times when we got home, but no bloat this time around and I slept like a baby — tired from all the sideways weirdness of Thursday and the whole entire week!

Friday was fairly simple, too. Just Monty. Then time at the pool again, but the night ended with a surprise sleepover at my friend Ben’s house! That bathroom remodel got unstuck and with the last finish of the floor scheduled that afternoon, we were sent packing to avoid being fumigated by the toxic varnish. I sure didn’t mind. I love hanging out at Ben’s house!!!

Gretchen says that next week looks a bit more normal, but I don’t think I’m going to believe it until I see it. You never know what might come at you sideways around here so it’s best to keep a look out!



PS — In remembrance of my pal Zoe, her family sent us this movie they made to honor her short, but loving life. I cried when I watched it. What a sweet and amazing dog. We miss her every day and send huge gentle wiggly hugs to her family. Even though I cried a lot, the best moment of the film is seeing Zoe in a tutu. I giggled through my tears. Bless you, Zoe. The world needs more of your kind in it! I shall miss our time together and treasure every moment we spent being friends.

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