September 16, 2011

In Every Corner

The weather is changing. It was predictable, but there was a part of me that kind of hoped our late summer would hold on a little bit longer. It’s not like it’s completely gone. There is sun. There are blue skies. The rain is minimal — spits and fits every once in awhile. But there’s a distinct difference between the “summer” days and the nights that punctuate them. The days are comfortable and warmish. The nights — not so much. In fact, on some days, the temperature has dropped 30 degrees and that my friends, is a huge difference.

And the air itself is different. When we wake in the morning and the night is creeping off into the distance, it leaves behind a chill that now requires me to crawl onto the bed and curl up as close to a human body as I can. It requires the humans to wear long sleeves and to dig out their fleece from the back of the closet. We have yet to turn on the heat, but this morning, Gretchen made an appointment for the annual cleaning of the furnace.

In every corner, there are hints of summer passing. The cooler temperatures and crisp morning air are just the beginning.

Still, I’m doing my best to wrap my paws around the summer that is left and mostly, I’ve found the best way to maintain my grasp is with my friends. And this week, along with our regular clients, I’ve gotten a chance to spend time with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

The week started, in fact, with a walk with Lulu. Her mom was out of town for a few days and that meant that Lulu joined us for morning outings. She was very happy about it. We went on long walks on the ridge and then played in the brown grass of September. Lulu’s smile is my summer.


I also got to walk with Paige and on the day we took her out, we hiked up a huge hill so Gretchen could attempt a photograph of the city (one of the famous spots people go to take pictures of Seattle), but the hike up and the warmish afternoon meant Paige and I were panting and not as cooperative as Gretchen would have liked.

When Paige and I hiked back down the big hill, we walked side by side — our bodies bumping together in a friendship full of sunshine!

Then one night this week we had an extra special shot of summer — we spent the night at our friends’ house with their big, big dog Ben. Ben can appear scary, but he’s just a giant goof in a hairy suit and sharp teeth. When we arrived at their house, I got so excited to know we were spending the night (the remodel of our bathroom required us to be out of the house so we didn’t breathe in toxic fumes) that I raced around the big back yard and looked for tennis balls.

Ben LOVES tennis balls and has perhaps half a million buried in the bushes, resting on the deck, and under tables. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with all of them, but Ben told me the best thing to do was just hold them in my mouth and get them good and slobbery. Then, when the humans weren’t looking place them in their laps or onto the table. That was the best way to get everyone’s attention.

Since Ben has a huge pool in his backyard, going to their house reminds me of summer. This year we didn’t get to swim in the pool (it never got warm enough), but just being at their house and around their pool, made me feel all summery again.

And the flowers, of course…still hanging onto blooming…

And I love me some Steven and Doris…

And love always feels like a perfect summer!


I didn’t really get to see Woobie — well not close up. Gretchen gave her a massage this week as Woobie is still restricted with a cast on her broken foot. While Woobie got her massage, I waited patiently in the car trying to catch a glimpse of my sunshiny friend, Woobster! She did hobble out to say hello, but we didn’t take any photos. Get well soon, Woobie. I miss you!

I also got to see the “regulars” — Rosie, Tyson, and Monty — and had a special visit with Duke and Roux. Of course, with the latter, we didn’t get very good photographs because both Roux and Duke are more interested in the treats Gretchen has in her pockets than in posing for the photograph.

Still, the comedy of photographing always reminds me of summer!



And we even got a visit from Jessica and Quillette. Just like old times, when they lived on our block, we went for a big long walk together — three pals together again and that is certainly worth a lot of summer smiles!

Rosie, Tyson, and Monty all agreed that summertime is wonderful and the transition to Autumn requires patience and appreciation, so all through the week we did our best at both — patience and appreciation.

I imagine the transitions will continue for the coming weeks and I’ll do my best to look in every corner for a little warmth and the last of the sunshine both in the beauty around me and in the wags of my friends’ tails.

Have a good weekend everyone!




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