July 22, 2011

Some Kind of Crazy

I’m not just talking weather here, but the world seems a bit off its access, don’t you think? I shouldn’t complain because frankly I’d much rather do my job in 60 degree weather on an overcast day than 100 degrees and 95% humidity. And I’d much rather being doing my job — walking dogs — than trying to find a compromise in Washington DC. And I’d much rather be busy — going places, visiting friends, seeking out new adventures — than sitting at home watching the spiders build their webs.

But I’m just sayin’ — things feel a bit crazy of late.

We had a house visitor — a 13-year-old cousin from France — and I fell instantly in love. She helped me out in my work, but mostly she just kissed me on my head and I melted.

We took her to lots of places and she got to see Seattle in its wide range of weather conditions from rain and grayness t0 brilliant sunshine. I think she had a good time. Dog knows I did!

And then random craziness happened (Helena’s visit was planned craziness) like waking up one day from a brief mid-day nap (after I’d done my dog walking work) to hear a band play next door. Not like a radio blaring music, but an actual LIVE band playing what we affectionately called Mexican New Orleans Klezmer music. Not only was there music, but everyone was dancing as well. I looked to Gretchen for answers.

“It’s a going away party,” she said, “And they are celebrating.”

We tried dancing, but it was hard to take a photo of it =-)

The next day, we even ran into friends at the park with their two babies. Yes, that’s random and crazy and since I love babies (and Monty and Woobie do too) it was a wonderful kind of crazy if you ask me!


And amidst the crazy randomness of life, there was our normal routine…

…Rosie and Tyson on Monday and Friday…

…but even that was kind of crazy. Look at the right corner of this photo. Do you see the head of a bird? Well, that’s a swallow that decided to torment Rosie (and Gretchen who was trying to take a nice photo of the siblings with the city behind them). And torment it did!

Rosie was on the lookout for that pesky swallow, which made taking pictures rather difficult. Once we changed venues — away from the swallows — we did get a good photo though!

And the normal routine attempted to continue…we had…

…Rosie, and her bubble blowing abilities, every day of the week…

…Monty on Wednesday and Friday…

I know I look kind of grumpy in the photo on the left. That’s because whenever we stop to take a photo, I like to roll all over in the grass.

Gretchen makes me stop so she can set us up for the photo and that makes me kind of grumpy! Monty is never grumpy, though!

…Roux on Monday and Thursday…

And Woobie on Thursday…with Roux…

And just for good measure…Duke on Tuesday!

Okay, so I guess even my “normal” schedule is a bit crazy!

Still, I’d much rather be lost in my own kind of crazy in my own crazy, kooky city with it’s sad excuse for summer weather than melting in the global warming silliness of our political capital in Washington DC — or just about anywhere else in the country.

Have a great weekend and we’ll be back at the craziness next week!


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