July 15, 2011

Bad Dog

Summer is like this. Everyone wants a piece of me. The schedule is all thrown off. It’s crazy. First we must go visit these people, then we’re packing our bags and going over here, then I’m left with my Auntie Jessica because my moms are traveling out of town, then we have breakfast at this person’s house only to be followed by dentist appointments and visits to the ophthalmologist to get new prescription — a whirlwind of activity and when I pick my nose up from all the craziness, it’s the middle of July.


Double whew.

And now, before another busy day of dog walking and helping Gretchen at the pool, I find myself tossing and turning, unable to sleep — my mind spinning with the detritus of summer. Of course, that’s when it hit me — I haven’t blogged in over two weeks.

What a bad dog I am.

Gretchen says I need to give myself a break. “Summer is always like this,” she says and while I know it’s true, I still feel bad for not keeping up. “It is what it is,” she tells me, “You do what you can.”

I understand all of that but I’m not really sure why life speeds up so much during the summer. Why is it that everyone wants to get together NOW? More importantly, why is that everyone can’t see that I am a creature of habit. I LOVE routine and when it gets interrupted, I get bent out of shape (like not sleeping). If I had my way, we’d do the same thing everyday with a small variation in our schedule every once in awhile — like a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa. Like an occasional excursion to our friends’ cabin by the river. Like a long hike on Sunday (after we sleep in).

But this constant change in our routine (and by constant I mean DAILY) is enough to make this Doodle wary and nervous…

…and sleep deprived.

And anxious…I mean, how am I supposed to explain all the day’s events in a blog when the time span of that blog is more than two weeks in length?

Gretchen is calling me from the living room right now (she can’t sleep either) — and she says, “You can’t! Just let it go. Do your best and then move on. Tomorrow will be better.”

When you can’t sleep though, tomorrow is today and ironically, today is tomorrow and still the blog is not finished.

“Now it is,” Gretchen calls again.

Well sort of, but I want to sift through photos and see if I can briefly share my life with those of you who seem to care about my curly little self in this swirling, busy world of mine.

So here it goes…a pictorial review…

Our week started out normally -- a walk with Rosie -- only it wasn't so normal since we started our week on a Wednesday.
The summer heated up quickly. We were all hot and it felt good. Roux decided to hang out on the chaise lounge to cool off.


Woobie stayed with us for a long time. It was great. She has a very calming effect on me.
...but Roux couldn't figure out how to get the sun on her belly.
Woobie was a house guest and so was Paige. I was a little worried about the crowded house.


...but everyone slept -- Woobie slept on my blanket...
...and Paige cuddled up to Ann and while it looks like she's sucking Ann's thumb, she's not.
Paige gets hot, though, so she moved to the other end of the couch and rested.
The next day we all hung out on the porch in the warmth of the summer sun.
Well, Woobie hung out in the shade.
Paige cooled off by rolling around in the grass.
I saw it as an invitation to play and play we did!
Usually we scare each other when we play, but not this time. This time we made silly faces at each other and wore each other out!
The next day I tried playing with Rosie how Paige played with me. Rosie got scared.
But later, in the shade of our backyard, Rosie decided to give playing a try!
But it got hot and so we took a water break.
Four friends at the museum
We took Tyson and Rosie for a walk in the summer heat and decided walking through the shady park was in order.


Monty got to play fetch. I had to rest.
Woobie could play fetch, but she rested too.
While playing fetch, Rico showed up and got silly.
And then we took a trip where everyone had goodies at Sweet Laurette's -- compliments of Woobie's parents! Thank you!!!!
We went for a walk in the woods on our vacation...
We hung out on our friends' deck in front of the flowers...
...and posed.
Well, some of us slept.
And then we went to the beach! I chased the gulls in a happy glee.
Woobie and I played like crazy dogs.
Crazy dogs!
And we watche the wildlife while we rested.
I didn't chase this guy. I know when I'm not supposed to chase things.
This is one of our favorite beaches and it did not disappoint.
There was a lot to look at on the beach.
All sorts of pretty things if you looked closely.
And interesting details that didn't last long, but long enough so we could enjoy them.
Beach life
We all had a great time
All of us had a great time!
At the end of the day, I got a massage and I went to la-la land.
But then it was back to Seattle and back to work.
And it was warm so we did a lot of cooling off in the shade.
And we walked everyone during our work week.
And then the French cousin arrived and I fell in love!
I mean, I fell in serious love!
And that was the end of that work week. I'm all caught up...though already there's a whole bunch more to share. But I shall wait...until tomorrow, Rubin!

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