June 3, 2011

About that squirrel…

So my canine friends don’t believe me. They don’t believe that I would be walking through a walnut grove and be whacked on the head by a big, fat, juicy squirrel. They don’t believe that I had him by the tail. Not once, but twice. They don’t believe that I was as fast as lightning and as brave as a Doberman. They don’t believe that a squirrel — especially a country squirrel — would ever let me — a city dog — get close enough to even smell him.

And yet, the truth of the matter is that a squirrel did, in fact, land on my head. I did, in fact, have him by his tail. Twice.

Instead, they keep quizzing me.

“How did he get away?” asked Roux? “Did you follow him like I follow you and Monty when you’re playing?”

“How big was he really?” asked Monty. “As big as this guy here?”

“Did he taste sweet or salty?” asked Monty and Rosie in unison.

“Did you have to dig your nose into the ground to pick up his scent again?” asked Rosie.

“Do you think squirrels can swim?” pondered Woobie?

“Weren’t you worried that he’d bite you?” pondered Tyson.

I wish I knew the answers to these questions, but all I really remember was the THUD of that guy on my head, the mad chase, the fluffy tail full in my mouth, and all the humans around me gasping in awe.

But it happened…

Yes it did, Monty! You’re my best pal ever, so you gotta believe me!

Seriously, Roux. I know you have really gotten to know me well enough to know if I’m telling you the truth, but trust me. While I might stretch the truth, I would never lie about such an event.

I know, Woobie, if you’d a been there you would have been so impressed with my speed and maneuverability. It was stunning.

And Rosie, you would have joined right in with the chase. I know you would have!

I have questions, too, but my biggest one is — “How many times can a squirrel fall on your head during your lifetime?”

In other words, will I ever get a second chance?

Have a great weekend…and don’t forget to look up!


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