February 25, 2011

Winter’s Last Blast?

All week long we’ve heard the threat of snow. Sunday, when we headed up to the beach to spend time with our friends, Jessica and Quillette, we saw the snow in the Olympics and wondered if possibly we would see any at home.

When Monday rolled around, the news joints were all warning us of a big one, but still no snow. I’m not sure Rosie and Tyson like the snow — since they really have thin hair — but they didn’t mind the threat of snow since said snow never really appeared.

What did appear was their reflections and Gretchen and I did our best to get them to look at the camera, but to no avail. They were both captivated by the “other dogs” in the window.

Eventually though, I offered them a treat if they behaved and that finally worked!

On Tuesday, the mumblings about snow dissipated somewhat and I think the blue sky sort of helped squelch the worries. Gretchen did her best to get a photo of the blue sky, the pea patch windmill, Rosie, and me and despite a few distractions…




…she got it!

Wednesday was all “It’s gonna snow, it’s gonna snow…” and while the temperatures dropped, we waited and waited and waited for the white stuff first on our walk with Monty at Volunteer Park where I planted myself in the middle of the donut sculpture (notice not a flake of the white stuff)…

And then on our second walk with Rosie and Monty where we they decided to test the threat of snow with their tongues (and I wondered what they were doing…)…

…and then when Monty and I went to the big, big field to play fetch…nary a drop of snow though weird sand-like pellets stung our faces.

When I went to bed Wednesday night, I was really sad because even though I know everyone struggles getting around in the snow, I LOVE IT! So when I woke up in the morning and the back door was opened to let me out…wasn’t I amazed!

The surprise was not lost on the crocuses who had poked their heads up over the past two weeks fake spring. But the forecasters all sighed a big sigh of relief because they’d been warning us and warning us that a MIGHTY BIG SNOW STORM was on the way. And yes, while some spots got clobbered (36″!!!!), we got minimal amounts that, by the end of Thursday, we all but gone.

Still, it was enough to play in and Woobie and I took full advantage of the white stuff! Woobie REALLY went overboard!

As you can see, Woobie loves the snow in a much different way than I do. We kept trying to get her to run around and while she’d run for a bit, she mostly just stood proudly in the chilly wind or rolled around in the couple of inches of snow that graced us.

And when she got up from rolling around, I did everything I could not to laugh. She looked like an abominable snow dog!

By the time I picked up Rosie for our next walk on Thursday, the snow was almost gone. Still, Rosie wore her super warm coat just in case…

They (as in the unpredictable forecasters) said there would be more snow on Thursday night, but guess what? Only blue skies and frigid temps. Oh well, we still got a great walk down by the lake with Monty, Rosie, and Tyson.

And yes, that’s all four of us together. Ann’s on vacation this week and she agreed to help us take out our charges for the day. There was a bit of worry about  how Tyson would do with Monty since Tyson feels threatened by big males, but I explained to him that Monty’s size has nothing to do with his personality.

“He’s a big goof,” I told Tyson.

And Tyson, kind of a big goof himself, was relieved.

Still, the photos took some doing. Thanks to Ann, we got it all to work!

And now it’s Friday and there is snow on some rooftops and shady spots, but mostly, I think that was a pretty wimpy last gasp of winter.

Have a great weekend!


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