January 7, 2011

All the little things…

This morning I watched Gretchen maneuver her way through an online tax website so that she could file her city B & O taxes. She gets pretty tense about it all and so I sit under the desk and rest my head on her nervous feet.

It doesn’t seem to help much, but I do what I can.

It’s amazing, actually, how many little things are involved in running your own business and we’re a small small business. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be twice our size or even bigger. Of course, if you’re bigger I imagine you hire someone to do all those little things for you — someone who, perhaps, enjoys it though I can’t imagine anyone finding pleasure in the work.

There are other little things that you never even think about — like maintaining this website and blog, organizing your billing, making schedules, planning for changes, blah, blah, blah. The dog walking is the easy part and thankfully walking dogs, according to Gretchen, makes all the paperwork on the back end worth it.

And it’s January, which adds to the stress since all that paperwork filed and piled in the office must now be sifted and sorted and prepared for the tax person. Thank Dog we have a phenomenal tax woman! She holds Gretchen’s hands (not her feet like I do) better than I ever could.

But those little things can clog up your day and make your work more difficult than usual. Like today. Gretchen forgot to take care of one of the little things — charging the batteries for her camera — and so we don’t have any photos from the day. Of course, it rained all day long — the kind of rain that gets you wet in 30 seconds or less so we probably wouldn’t have taken photos anyway, but it’s a good example of how one little thing can impact your day.

So our apologies to the families of Monty, Rosie, Tyson, Oshi, Perrito, and Saber — all dogs we walked today…in the rain…without a camera.

Good thing it’s Friday…perhaps we can attend to more of those little things this weekend and then be all caught up…oh wait, Gretchen just mumbled, “Fat chance!” so I guess I was being too hopeful. Oh well. I think I’ll go rest my head on her feet again and see if that helps.

Until Monday…have a good weekend,


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