January 4, 2011

Same as it ever was…

Mount Rainier in the morning's changing weather...

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about humans, they live their lives in constant flux. Change, as it was said so many years ago, is constant and as much as they try to live their life in predictable routines and make resolutions to solidify those constants, life happens and chaos lifts up to shake even the most steadfast resolution by their roots.

This is difficult for creatures like myself who find comfort in routine. When my schedule is broken — when change interrupts my life — I struggle to maintain my equilibrium. Holidays really throw me for a loop. The past two weeks have been a challenge for me. As a result, I haven’t been eating very well. And I’m a bit more nervous than usual.

That’s why I was happy to get back to a routine on Monday though it appears that that routine is, once again, about to change. As I mentioned yesterday, Gretchen’s cutting back on the dog walking

Our favorite tree by the lake with early morning lifting light to the east...

and taking on more full time work a the pool. Not sound self-centered, but I asked her this morning what that means for me.

I guess I should say that while the morning routine stayed relatively the same (and yes, I ate most of my breakfast), Gretchen and I went for a really long walk down by the lake and while we do that often on weekends, it was kind of sweet to spend some “alone” time with her on our own adventure. This is when we had our talk…

“I know it’s going to be different for you, Rubin,” Gretchen began, “And it will be equally hard on me since I really enjoy your dog walking buddies.”

“I feel a ‘but’ coming,” I mumbled.

“Yes, but…this opportunity to work with and help dogs at the pool just presented itself and fit right into the direction I’m heading with canine massage,” she explained. “So I had to make a tough, tough choice and while I feel bad about letting go some of your dog walking pals, it will mean that you and I get to spend some time together not working, just playing.”

Frost and ice on the shores of Lake Washington...

I knew, of course, that Gretchen threw the word play in there because I love to play and will do just about anything to have more play time in my schedule.

She continued: “Walks like this, for instance. We’ll have more time to take adventures farther afield. We can get up early and go skiing or hiking or swimming at the lake and in the afternoon, when I work at the pool, you can come with me and be my faithful assistant there just as you’ve been my faithful assistant dog dog walker.”

It sounds pretty inviting, I must admit, but still it’s a transition and I’m not really good at those. Gretchen knows this and so she said, “It will be rough for awhile. Both of us will have to find a new rhythm to our days, but we’ve done it before and we can do it again.”

Today’s rhythm started with a long walk down by the lake as I’ve mentioned. It was chilly this morning even though the temperatures were warmer than normal. The winter sun hung low and I got to practice waiting and coming…it was great fun!

And the mountain and the light met as the morning slowly emerged from its slumber…

Morning mountain slumber

Meanwhile, though, there is work to be done and while today wasn’t as busy as yesterday, we still had obligations to our dog walking friends.

First up was Rosie. It’s been nice forming a new friendship with Rosie. She’s very happy to see me when I arrive and I must admit, I like the attention. We went for a walk and watched the weather change right before our eyes.

“The rain’s coming!” Rosie stated confidently.

“Yep!” I confirmed.

And with that, we bumped bodies (as we do whenever we walk) and continued on our way.

Weather's changing, yep it is...

Next was Gemma and while I helped pick her up, I got dropped off at home (since I’d had a long, long walk in the morning) where I rested. Meanwhile, Gemma picked up Saber and the two of them frolicked at the tennis courts…they sure love each other!

…and then headed on their own walk, tired and happy.

Gemma and Saber are two of the dogs we unfortunately have to say goodbye to, but I’m not going to think about that today…

Instead, I’ll think about how the weather changes and never seems to mind the different routine. I’ll try to be like the weather in these coming weeks — happy to bring warmer temperatures or a cleansing rainfall or an unexpected snowfall. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Until tomorrow,


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