January 13, 2011

Dry Spots

Okay so the rivers running down the middle of the street stopped and I bet you think that because the picture of Rosie to the right looks dry that we had a fairly weatherproofed day…

…but I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so.

It was wet. So wet, we went searching for dry spots.

We didn’t find many.

Okay, under Rosie’s new raincoat was one, but on the whole, we were pretty much just as wet as we were yesterday only today Gretchen braved the elements and pulled out the camera for a few select (and quick) photos.

I know…Rosie looks grumpy and she was. Two reasons: The first was that Woobie and I went for a nice long walk this morning (in the pouring down rain) and so we dried off and rested while Gretchen walked Rosie…by herself…and she was none too pleased about it either. “Where’s Rubin? Where are my friends?” she pouted to Gretchen.

“It’s just me today, Rosie. Sorry,” was Gretchen’s pathetic response and for that, Rosie gave her the cold shoulder for the entire walk!

The second reason she was grumpy was because she had to wear her new coat and the rain just kept coming down. She doesn’t mind her new coat as much as I mind my coat, but still, she just wanted to either walk in the buff OR wear her old coat.

But aside from it being rainy today, it was warm — 52 degrees warm — and this new coat is unlined and therefore not as warm.

Rosie wasn’t buying it so she got a grumpy walk today.

I thought for sure we’d get to walk with Gemma and Saber, but since it was STILL RAINING Gretchen decided she only wanted to walk two dogs in the wetness and not four. Boo hoo.

The only dry spot they could find was in the tunnel and so Gretchen posed them in front of one of the murals of Seattle. It depicts a brighter, happier, drier time in this wet city and frankly, Gemma and Saber wanted to just get on with the walk and not hang out in the tunnel.

You’re probably asking yourself — “Where’s Rubin in these photos? Where’s Woobie?”

We found the driest spot I know! And we both liked it very very much!

Until tomorrow (and cross your paws for NO RAIN!)


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