January 12, 2011

Walking through a slushy

I suppose that title says it all. It snowed last night — about 3 inches — and then early this morning it started raining and hasn’t stopped. All that snow turned to slush. We were wet, wet, wet for the entire day. We dried out in between walks, but it was a messy, messy day and therefore, no photos.

My apologies.

We walked Monty and Woobie first and they both picked up their paws really high as we sloshed through the river of water melting on the sidewalks. Gretchen walked Gemma and the two little mops — Oshi and Perrito — and everyone was pretty chilly and soaked by the time they made it home.

I walked with Rosie and she told me that she’d rather be at home — “No offense, Rubin,” she added and let me tell you, no offense taken.

Not our photo, but this is kind of what it was like today...

Woobie and Monty got to walk with Saber and out of all of us, he didn’t care at all about the wet and mud and rivers winding through the city. His positive attitude is an inspiration.

I should write more today, but the rain’s got me a bit down. I checked the weather report and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture for the next few days. While everyone else is digging themselves out of the snow, we’re about to go shopping for a boat and oars.

Frankly, I’d rather have snow. Yes, I know for those of you in Atlanta that’s not the case, but I say, if you’re going to be wet and cold better to be that way due to snow than rain.

Perhaps photos and words tomorrow, but no promises. I’m off to find my galoshes.

Until tomorrow,


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