January 10, 2011


Now there’s a big word! And yes, I know what it means. That’s why I had to laugh when a young man, who lives up the street, saw us out walking twice today — once in the morning and once at lunch time — and said, “Rubin is ubiquitous!” Our neighbor had seen us first about a mile from our house and the second time miles away from the first spot. The same neighbor works at a Daycare facility and we sometimes walk over by his work as well. He drives to work and we walk over there.

So yes, I guess I am ubiquitous — everywhere at once…or so it appears.

I glad somebody appreciates the miles I put in. Or perhaps they admire that I’m always out and about without really knowing that I log about 6 miles in a day (some days more, some days less). It makes me feel proud to be the “face” of dog walking and while we wrap up our last week of full time dog walking work, I find myself nostalgic, reminiscing about the past two and half years.

But I won’t go there today. Instead, I want to focus on the dogs we walked today. Well, I didn’t get to walk with everyone because I kind of had an upset tummy last night and Gretchen felt it was important that I rested.


The day started with a walk with Woobie. She’s staying with us for a bit while her parents finish up their trip to Africa! Woobie and I walked in the chilly morning and as our agreement, Gretchen doesn’t take photos on our “non work” morning walk. Despite the lack of a camera, we had a good time and slowly my tummy started to feel better.

Rosie and Tyson also got a morning walk and it was equally chilly for them, too. They headed over to Leschi where they pose on the brick wall and did their best to win over more treats from Gretchen’s pocket.

Gemma was next and she got to go out with Oshi and Perrito where the three played fetch and “prayer” ball (Perrito’s favorite activity) on the icy courts.

Well, Oshi didn’t play, but he supervised from the perimeter. He LOVES to walk the perimeters.

Woobie and I got to walk with Saber. Saber thinks Woobie smells pretty…

Woobie, as you can see, just ignores Saber and Saber wonders why…

“She’s just like that,” I told him, “But don’t worry. She likes you! Just look at her tail wagging?”

“Which end is her tail?” asked Saber.

He really is a funny guy.

What you can’t see in these photos, though, is all the snow in the mountains just beyond the lake. Gretchen was really hoping they’d pop out, but the lighting was too flat and gray so all you see is white sky.

Trust me. There’s snow in them thar mountains and I can hardly wait until the weekend when we get to romp in it.

Woobie and I rested more after that while Gretchen went off to work at the pool.

They’re talking snow tomorrow and so, I head off to bed dreaming of the white stuff.

I know snow throws everyone’s schedule off, but I sure hope it comes down and stays for awhile. I love snow!

May it be as ubiquitous as I am!

Until tomorrow,


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