December 9, 2010

Noah and his Bark

I was sound asleep. I mean, I was so sound asleep I don’t think an earthquake could have rumbled me from my slumber…

…but rain did. Yep, torrential, monstrous, cascading…whatever words you can think of that brings to mind the sound that hit our roof this morning. It woke me right up and I was even on the big bed (where I sleep the best, don’t ya know). I looked over at Gretchen and heard her moan. “Oh Rubin, this doesn’t sound good. I think I hear Noah pounding in nails for his bark!”

His bark? I thought to myself. Who’s Noah and what do nails have to do with his bark?

Since I couldn’t sleep, I got up and did some research. Turns out it’s Noah and his Ark .(I think Gretchen had her night guard in or something because I swear she said “bark.”) Anyway, this guy a long, long time ago was told by Dog that he needed to build an Ark, which turns out to be a huge boat and fill it with two of everything — plants, animals, toilet paper, etc. — and prepare to be aboard this boat for a very long time because it was about to rain for 40 days and 40 nights. After my research, I went upstairs and said to Gretchen, who was under her pillow snoring away, “Noah built an ark not a bark and he did it because Dog told him to. Dog also told him to gather up two of everything, so if you were insinuating that the rainstorm we’re experiencing is the beginning of 40 days of biblical rain, you best get yourself out of bed and get started on gathering up two of everything and building us a boat!”

“Go back to bed, Rubin,” is all she said and with that, I huffed and jumped back up onto the big bed and fell back into a deep, deep sleep. Luckily, by the time we headed out the door for our short day of walking, the rain went back to the bible and we stayed fairly dry.

A short day meant only two walks. The first was with Rosie and because Rosie REALLY wanted to play with me, we went to the tennis courts for a very short romp without a second of fetch. Instead, I found a stick and played keep away. Worked for Rosie!

The last walk (which was also the second) was with Gemma and Saber and at the very end of our hour walk, we posed above the city right as the rain returned.

It’s hard to see it in this photo but huge droplets of rain were pelting us as we encouraged Gretchen to hurry up and snap the darn photo.

And tonight, as I type the last lines of today’s blog, the rain has returned from the scriptures and I can hear Gretchen pounding nails into something in the basement. I wonder if she’s building a bark?

Until tomorrow,


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