December 8, 2010

How’s That Spelled?

When Gretchen gets frustrated or when things don’t go as she’s planned, she makes this sound. It’s kind of like a release of air from her mouth, but it’s more guttural, rumbling slightly at the back of her throat. She made that sound this morning when she looked outside and the rain was flooding from the dark, dark sky.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

Then she made that sound and I said, “How’s that spelled?”

And then she laughed. “I have no idea! Why do you need to know?”

“Well,” I explained I’d love for that sound to be the title of today’s blog because after looking at the weather, it feels like the best title, don’t ya think?”

She had to agree and after our first walk with Monty — a walk were we all wore our raincoats…all of us and Gretchen left her backpack behind because she knew we wouldn’t be taking any photographs — we were all surprised when the black skies turned blue and the wind replaced the rain.

“Well, would you look at that!” Gretchen said and I did. I looked at those blue skies with the utmost gratitude — NO MORE RAINCOAT!

So the first photos of the day don’t exist because we were all covered in raincoats, rain, and trying to find our way in the darkness of what we all thought would be a long, dreary day. Alas, it didn’t turn out the way. And if I could make the sound I can’t spell, I would…not because I was frustrated, but it’s such a great sound that fits all sorts of occasions. This occasion would relief.

But as luck will have it, no one has a clue how to even begin spelling Gretchen’s sound.

Oshi and Perrito were really happy the rain had stopped. As Gretchen likes to say, it’s really hard on the little guys who get just as wet from the bottom as they do from the top — puddles underneath, rain from above. So they basked in the sunshine and I even think Oshi kind of liked it!

By the time we picked up Gemma, the only sounds we could hear was our hair drying off in the warmth of the sun. Gemma laughed at us (she’d missed the rain) and then sidled up to Monty hoping to get as close as she possibly could.

I just soaked up the warmth of the sun…and once positioned, Monty and Gemma did too.

We picked up Woobie, but Gretchen let us rest at home and warm up a bit while Woobie and Saber when for a walk. By the time they headed back to Woobie’s house, the wind had picked up and was slowly, though with purpose, blowing the blue skies away.

Woobie said, “You know, there’s a cartoon character named Dumbo. He was an elephant who had ears like yours. He could fly.”

“Really?” So Saber decided it was a perfect time to see if his ears could life him off the ground.

No luck, but it makes for a great photo, doesn’t it? One I have to make much bigger than normal!

And the changing sky added to the increased winds made for some beautiful (and goofy) photos as well…check it out!

Monty and I hung out for the afternoon and watched those blue skies we admired all day give way to more darkness and a lot more clouds. As I write, there still isn’t any rain, but it’s coming. I can smell…

…or maybe it’s my raincoat that I smell, still wet from this morning’s swim…I mean, walk.

Until tomorrow,


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