December 7, 2010

What We’re Really Thinking

It crossed my mind today that often, when Gretchen’s taking a photograph, there’s a lot of “dialogue” you never get to hear by just reading the blog. So today, I decided to let you know what’s really going through our minds while we (patiently) wait for Gretchen to take the gosh darn photo!!

"I don't want to look at the camera. She always uses that stupid flash and it hurts my eyes!"
"See what I mean?"
"But if we look at the camera we get a treat...look at the camera Gemma!"
"Yep, that's hold really, really still, Gemma!"
"Dude, how long is this gonna take?"
"Hey, Rubin? Why does she keep telling us to get sit?"
"If I give her my stern boxer look will she cough up the treat already?"
"I'm glowering here and still no treat!"
"Change tactics, Rosie. Beg!"
"Lick your lips and then give your best begging look!"
"Okay, I climbed the stupid tree. Now you want me to sit?"
"Hey, what are you doing, Saber?"
"Dude, can you hear me? What on earth are you doing?"
"I ca tal 'ubin. Ma mou if full!"
"Really, Saber? Really? You think this tree is a huge stick for you to chew on?"
"Ignore the cat, Paige. I-G-N-O-R-E!"
"Could you spell that again, Rubin. I can't hear so good 'cuz there's a cat on my nose!"
"Distract yourself, Paige. Do anything you can to distract yourself!"
"Paige, you're looking. I can tell you're looking!"
"Am not, am not looking."

Trust me, what we say while all the photographs are being taken is far more interesting than the actual photographs!

Until tomorrow,


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