December 29, 2010

The Last

These are the last few days of December and the last few days of 2010. While it’s only Thursday, the next time I write the blog will be January and 2011 (as we are going on a ski trip starting tomorrow). But it’s also the last of Ann’s vacation, which means that she got to walk with us today and Gretchen put her in charge of the camera.

Not to sound harsh, but perhaps it’s a last time she’ll get that duty as both of them — Ann and Gretchen — struggled with the changing roles.

First, Ann had a hard time seeing the frame of the photo since, on her walks, she doesn’t wear her glasses. Hence, dogs got cut off at the neck and faces were making odd contortions.

Which leads to the second issue — Gretchen’s insufferable obsession with giving directions about how to use the camera and take the photo. She’s talking in most of these photographs and while she might like to point her finger at Ann for the awkward facial expressions, she has no one but herself to blame for the open-mouth shots.

Ann always says that Gretchen is now a teacher without a classroom and we can both attest to what a dangerous condition/situation that is! Without something to organize and manage, she’s always organizing and managing everything, which can be a bit annoying. Luckily, though, Ann only went with us when we walked Rosie and Tyson so neither of them had to suffer through the other one’s irritations for the entire day.

It’s tough being a dog in the middle!

It was also the end of the warm winter weather we’ve been having. To the north of us and the south snow fell and throughout the day, we could feel the change in temperature. Saber didn’t mind, but Oshi and Perrito were a bit chilly. They wanted to stand close to Saber (he’s very warm), but it’s hard to know which direction he will head next so they kept their distance.

By the time I got to walk with Saber, the wind had picked up and the thermometer dropped even further as we watched the snow fall in the east from our perch above Lake Washington. No snow for us, but we are surrounded by the stuff and it was kind of like being inside a freezer.

I was kind of sad that we didn’t get any snow, but then I found out that at the end of this vacation (Ann’s vacation, that is) we were going to the mountains for some time in the snow and I didn’t feel so cheated.

Until next year!


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