December 28, 2010


I am a dog of routine. I like knowing exactly what’s going to happen and when. Needless to say, these past two weeks have thrown me for a loop. As you saw from yesterday’s blog (Remiss-mas) the last two weeks have been anything but predictable. We’ve traveled to mountains, we’ve traveled to Oregon, we’ve visited with friends, Ann’s been home — it can really confuse a guy like me who is used to routine. Despite all the changes, I keep trying to find a predictable schedule to the day, but I’m still baffled.

Yesterday, in fact, I came back from a walk with Rosie and Tyson, raced into the house, and searched all around for Ann. I’ve gotten so used to her being home, I was certain she must be in the house somewhere so I looked in the TV room, I looked on the couch (she’s been engrossed in a novel and likes to curl up under the special blanket and read), I searched upstairs and I even ventured into the basement to see if I could find her, but alas she wasn’t there!

Gretchen tells me things are going to get back to normal next week, but in the meantime I need to learn to go with the flow.

I don’t do flow well. That’s why I appreciated a chance to get back to my dog dog walking work. True, it was a light day — only Rosie, Tyson, and Saber — but it turned out to be a fun one.

First, as I’ve mentioned, were Rosie and Tyson. They were both very happy to see me and I must admit, I was excited to see them. “How’s your routine been,” I asked.

“Perfect,” said Rosie. “I get my treats and my meals and my walks just like normal and now that you’re back, I get to see you, too!”

“Not completely perfect,” added Tyson. “But then I’m a bit of a worrier.”

It’s true. He is. I can relate.

When we picked up Saber, I thought we’d just go for a walk, but when we walked over to the school field I was thrilled to see Monty and his Mom (his Mom’s got some days off from work!) as well as run into two other dogs whose names I can’t remember at this point (sorry). Anyway, we got to play fetch and chase and Monty begged for cookies and it was like old times!

Of course, the weather changed dramatically – from almost balmy in the morning, to downright nippy in the afternoon. They’re predicting snow on Wednesday, though I have my doubts. Anyway, it kind of explains the dark nature of the photos…all those gray clouds moving in!

When I got home from work, Ann was there in the kitchen and I gave her my special wiggly happy dance because, despite a change of routine, I’m always excited to see her!

Until tomorrow,


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